Bai Bua Thai Cuisine

Pickings are slim on East Hastings when you want late(ish) night eats. Luckily, Bai Bua Thai Cuisine was open so we gave them a try. They’re located across the street from Tentatsu and Thailicious.




Sign outside.


We dropped in on a Friday evening (around 8:35pm). They were closing up early but we called ahead and were told we could dine in if we ate quickly. They ask what spice level you want; we went with medium. Would get hot next time as medium was closer to mild.


The menu consists of appetizers, grilled, soup, salad, seafood, curry, fried rice, stir fried, noodles, lunch specials and sweets.


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) and drinks (1 and 2).

Thai ice tea ($4.50)
DSC00801J subbed for coconut milk ($1.00 extra). He was very pleased with his drink.

Steamed rice ($3.00 small)
DSC00809Bowl was a good amount to go with the curry dish.

Chicken wings (#6) ($8.90 for 8)
DSC00802Deep fried crispy chicken wings. These came out hot and crispy. Side of sweet chili sauce wasn’t too sweet.



Didn’t really need it as the wings were good on it’s own.

Green curry (#40) ($13.90)
DSC00807Green curry paste with Thai herbs, coconut milk, eggplant, bell peppers, Thai basil and bamboo shoots. Could have used way more heat/spice in this dish but the curry was well balanced. Decent mix of vegetables and the pork was tasty.

Sukho Thai noodle soup (#85) ($13.90)
DSC00799Thin rice noodles in a spicy soup with pork, bean sprouts, green beans, green onion, coriander, ground chili, peanuts and a crispy wonton. Everyone liked the broth as it had a good kick. More of a light, lemongrass flavour. Noodles clumped together slightly.

Prig pao fried rice (#72) ($13.90)
DSC00806Chili jam fried rice with egg, carrot, green onion and we opted for chicken. This was the best dish of the night. The chili jam added a faint sweetness to the dish and good wok hei to the rice. Very balanced flavours.

Better than expected at BBTC.

Bai Bua Thai Cuisine
2443 E Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
(778) 379-9699