Osteria Savio Volpe

We’ve been wanting to try Osteria Savio Volpe for ages. I made a reservation several months in advance for B’s birthday as it’s incredibly popular. They’re located by several other food spots; Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina, The Gluten Free Epicurean, Matchstick and Les Faux Bourgeois.




We dropped in on a Sunday evening (with 7:00pm reservations). The inside is spacious and bustling. Our server was friendly and drinks were constantly refilled. However, it’s disappointing that they don’t tell you what dishes you get when you opt for the family style option. We went to another high(er) end spot (Say Mercy!) and the staff explained everything in detail.


The menu is split into for the table, starters, salads, pasta, skillet & stewing pot, from the wood fire and vegetables. We opted for the “let us cook for you” option ($60.00/person) but it worked out to be the same price as ordering a la carte.


Puzzled with the benefit of ordering this way. Click here to see the drink menu.

Blood orange cynar spritz ($13.00)

2x Dine alla famiglia ($60.00 each) – you get 5 courses chosen by the kitchen. Basically, one starter, salad, pasta, meat, vegetable and two desserts.

Proscuitto & burrata, marinated greens (swiss chard) and focaccia
DSC00851This was our favourite dish of the evening.



Quality proscuitto and fresh, slightly creamy burrata. The focaccia was light and airy.

Kale, lemon dressing, pecorino and bread crumbs
DSC00856The lemon dressing added a touch of acidity and tang. Plenty of cheese sprinkled on top. Kale was solid enough but we had kale fatigue halfway through. It would have been preferable if they offered two types of salad instead.

Cavatelli verde, arugula, confit potato, chili and lemon
DSC00859The pasta had a good al dente bite.

Half chicken, rosemary and charred lemon
DSC00862This was disappointing. Some parts of the chicken were moist but several pieces were dry. When I go out to eat, I never order chicken (unless it’s Portuguese grilled chicken) so it was disappointing that they picked this over their other meat offerings (porchetta and halibut were similarly priced).

Roasted turnips, pancetta and lemon
DSC00861Shockingly bland and boring. They added some pancetta for some much needed fat and flavour but the turnips were plain as could be.

Marmalade pistachio pavlova
DSC00870Both desserts were solid to end our meals. Pavlova was light and not too sweet.

Strawberry rhubarb crostata
DSC00868A hybrid between a pie and tart. More strawberry flavoured than rhubarb but quite enjoyable.

If we return to OSV, we’ll stick to ordering a la carte.

Osteria Savio Volpe
615 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 428-0072