Indian Village Eatery

Slowly working our way through trying all the the spots along Hastings. We settled on Indian Village Eatery, a small Pakistani spot. They’re next door to the High Point Beer & Wine Shop.




Couple of signs.



We dropped in on a Friday evening (around 8:00pm). The inside is cramped but there’s three tables for dine in (total of 10 seats). Service is bare bones; when we went, the son was the only one waitering. Had to ask for extra plates, utensils, waters, etc.


The menu is split into samosas, pakoras, wraps, biryani, meat (tandoori chicken, chicken, lamb and fish), vegetarian, flatbreads and desserts. They have lunch specials (12:00pm to 5:00pm) and all day specials.



The bestseller sampler ($40.00) seemed very reasonable. All entrees come with a side (rice, naan or roti). They didn’t ask for spice level so make sure to request that if you’re a spice head.

DSC01005We opted for two rices, two naans and a garlic naan ($0.50 extra).


The garlic naan wasn’t worth the upgrade; all you get is chunks of raw garlic inside.


The naan itself reminded me more of paratha’s than naan with a more denser, flat texture.

Mixed vegetable pakoras ($7.00)
DSC01010Oddly, this didn’t come with the green chutney but still was our favourite dish of the night.


Pakoras were perfectly deep fried yet still light and crunchy.

Eggplant bharta ($9.00 small)
DSC01002Oven baked eggplant with onions, peas and spices. We usually love anything eggplant but this was a touch mushy.

Aloo gobi ($9.00 small)
DSC01001Cauliflower and potatoes. More potato than caulfilower. Flavours were mute and borderline bland.

Chicken vindaloo ($10.50 small)
DSC01012Boneless chicken cooked in a vindaloo style curry with coconut milk. Chicken was small and scarce. Wasn’t wowed by the sauce.

Fish curry ($14.50 large)
DSC01011Basa fillet and vegetables cooked with masal spices. This was the best of the four entrees we ordered. Fish was tender and mix of vegetables balanced things out.

Debit or cash only. Cheap prices and appreciate the different size options at IVE but lacking quality.

Indian Village Eatery
2745 E Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-3111