Bishop’s Restaurant

Bishop’s Restaurant has never been on my radar to try but some of my relatives in town love this place. It’s next door to an Aritizia store.

We dropped in on a Tuesday evening (with 8:30pm reservations) and it was busy. Make a reservation because they’re extremely popular. The inside is cozy with white cloth and candles on the table. Service is laid back but attentive. Apparently, one of the waiters has been working there for over 35 years.


The menu is concise; four appetizers, six main courses and dessert. For their daily specials that evening, they had three appetizers (Kushi oysters and shrimp ceviche were two of them). For drinks, it’s mostly wine but they had four beers available.

Amuse bouche
DSC03244Everyone was given a complimentary uni panna cotta to start. Pickled blueberries, uni and salsa verde soup. Savoury and refreshing at the same time.

2x Burrata cheese salad ($22.00)
DSC03246Organic tomatoes, greens, olives and pesto dressing. The burrata was lovely; soft and creamy. Good quality but it’s a small portion. Doesn’t beat the one we had at Savio’s (which gave you a massive portion of burrata and proscuitto for a couple dollars more).

Shrimp ceviche – one of their appetizer specials.

2x Roasted duck breast ($38.00)
DSC03250Apples, carrots, pomme pure and red wine jus. Interestingly, one dish had 5 slices of duck while the other had 6.


Regardless, the duck breast (confirmed by our waiter to be cooked pink) was perfectly cooked. Exquisitely tender and flavourful.


The only downside to this dish was how little you received for the sides. Barely any carrots, apples and potatoes to fill you up.

2x Pan roasted halibut ($38.00)
DSC03249Seasonal vegetables and saffron. Again, the meat was cooked to perfection. The panko crust on top was brilliant and added a pleasant, crunchy element. The halibut was flaky and tender. The only nitpick we had was that it was a touch salty.

Lemon dessert ($14.00) – this was their dessert special of the evening. Didn’t try but I was told it was delicious; bordering on the line of too tart but not quite.

Mountain berry dessert ($14.00)
DSC03253Passion fruit creme, pistachio and white chocolate ice cream. The passion fruit flavour came through nicely.

DSC03255Before we left, they brought us out one last dish (on the house). Candied peanuts, cantaloupe, sugar candy gummy and raspberry sauce. Great little bites to end our meal.

Go while you still can. Upscale but good quality and finesse at Bishop’s.

Bishop’s Restaurant
183 W 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
(604) 738-2025