Smoke and Bones

We don’t go for BBQ often, if ever, but with the States closed, we decided to try Smoke and Bones while we were out and about in North Van. It’s located across from Hearthstone Brewery.


A couple of signs outside.




We dropped in for a late Sunday lunch (around 2:45pm) and there were a couple other booths/tables occupied.



They proudly have on display all their trophies that they’ve won in BBQ competitions.


Service is a bit strange (the one waiter working the front took off his mask to hear us better) and sketchy (we saw none of the kitchen staff wearing masks).


The menu is split into share plates, non-meat, soup & salad, BBQ family style, BBQ supper, BBQ sammiches and mains. There’s also a drink menu.

2 meat combo ($29.99)
DSC03368For our two meats, we picked the beef brisket and sausage. For our sides, we opted for the pitt beans, house rub fries and cornbread. For $30, you sure don’t get much of anything.


Beef brisket was dry and desperately called out for the BBQ sauce (which was one of the few good things we ate).


The sausage was a touch dry (it needed some fat). It strangely tasted better cold, the next day. Think charcuterie style.


The fries came out cold.


The cornbread was terrible; it instantly crumbled when we tried to split it in half.


Only the pitt beans were passable.

Dukes rib mac n cheese ($15.99)
DSC03363Pasta in a creamy white sauce with mozza mix, garlic butter crumb crust and topped with boneless pork ribs. Again, the tiniest amount of meat on top. This was probably one of the saddest iterations of mac and cheese that I’ve had in my lifetime. Bland. All you taste is cream sauce. The cheese isn’t even mixed in. Another rip off.


Pricey, dry and utterly bland dishes. Don’t waste your money at S&B.

Smoke and Bones
999 Marine Drive
North Vancouver, BC
(604) 770-1394