We weren’t planning to come to Tacofino (as we’ve never been impressed by their Vancouver locations) but we’d gone surfing earlier and hadn’t ate lunch. It’s located in the same plaza as Tofitian Cafe and Wildside Grill.


We dropped in on a Tuesday afternoon (around 4:15pm) and it was busy. Luckily, the wait time was only about 20 minutes to get our food but ridiculously busy for the (random) time of day that we went. Walk up to the front to order and pay, then wait for your name to be called.



The menu options are simple; tacos, burritos and gringas.


Tacos are ridiculously overpriced ($4.50 to $7.75). Are you kidding me?


For drinks, they carry Tofino Kombucha and Jarritos.


They also have their infamous chocolate diablo cookies ($3.00).

Gringa ($5.75)
DSC02977Pork, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Super, super greasy but it did have a cheesy melty going on. Pork was decent. Seems like this would be better if you were hungover. Wouldn’t get it again.

Fish burrito ($13.50)
DSC02974Fish, refried black beans, seasoned basmati, shredded cabbage, salsa, sour cream and chipotle mayo. Better than we expected! Burrito was stuffed and the fish was tender with a good crispy batter. Although eat your burrito quickly cause the sauce gets the burrito wet and cold quickly.


Popular and pricey. I wouldn’t classify Tacofino as a must visit but it sufficed.

1184 Pacific Rim Highway
Tofino, BC
(250) 726-8288