Wild Ambition

Wild Ambition Brewing is another place that’s been on my list since I first saw their beers coming in. They have an interesting mix of flavours and seem to lean towards sours. They’re located in a random industrial plaza.


We dropped in on a Friday afternoon (around 3:30pm) and were the only ones there. They’ve got a backyard beer garden, which is more like a fenced off yard.



Service was thoughtful and friendly; appreciate how they brought out a whole growler of water and had set up additional seats for us in case of a potential downpour.



There was 6 beer flavours but almost a dozen bottles for purchase. Bottle prices ranged from $5.00 to $12.00.


No food on the premises but you can bring in your munchies/snacks.

Kelowner weisse ($2.50)
DSC01704Authentic Berlin-style sour. Light, easy drinking.

Cadaver synod ($3.50)
DSC01707Barrel aged oud bruin with cherries. The barrel flavour is strong and prominent. Not to our liking but it reminded us of some of the beers we drank in Belgium.

Enough and to spare ($3.00)
DSC01705Rhubarb sour. Decently sour but wish the rhubarb shined through more. Just not enough flavour.

Corinto cave ($3.00)
DSC01708Dark sour with coffee. This reminded me of a nitro blended with a touch of sourness. Interesting but a taster was more than enough for our palate.

Flower market
DSC01436Hibiscus sour. We bought this bottle a few weeks beforehand to try one of their sours.



Decent sour (similar in style to their rhubarb sour) but very light in the hibiscus flavour.


I like the experimentation and unique use of ingredients but the flavour and execution needs work at WAB.

Wild Ambition
#1. 3314 Appaloosa Road
Kelowna, BC