Dominion Cider

We had some time in between winery appointments so we backtracked and dropped into Dominion Cider for a visit. This was our fourth stop of the day.


We dropped in on a Saturday (around 11:45am) and it was just us. Wish they were sampling a couple more of their experimental series flavours but our group still bought a couple bottles.


You can get in on their once a year Cider Club subscription ($250.00 for 12) to try them all. Sells out quickly though!


Tastings are complimentary but this time around, they only had 5 ciders available to try.


Cider bottles are $10.00 (500mL) to $20.00 (750 mL). Always appreciate when prices include the taxes.

First principles
DSC01861We’ve had this one before. Simple and dry.

First estate
DSC01862Wild fermented estate grown cider. This is one of their experimental flavours from last year. Dry, subtle flavour that I can’t quite put a finger on.

Hope springs eternal
DSC01863Wild fermented with peaches. This one was delightfully light and summery.

New world perry
DSC01864We’ve had this one previously; well balanced, crisp and peary. Still one of the better perry’s that we’ve drank.

Castles in the sky
DSC01867Wild fermented with pinot noir. An interesting hybrid of cider and wine. My sister really enjoyed this one and grabbed a bottle. Couple closeup of the labels on the three bottles our group purchased.







Always a worthy pit stop to check out what’s happening at Dominion.

Dominion Cider
10216 Gould Avenue
Summerland, BC
(778) 516-8006