Bright Eye Brewing

Before heading home, we decided to check out Bright Eye Brewing for some brews and food. A buddy that lives in town recommended BEB to us.


We dropped in on a Sunday afternoon (around 1:30pm) and snagged a table outside.



The patio, with about 8 tables, had a good mix of shady and sunny areas. Service was friendly but we weren’t checked on much.


There was 7 beers on tap along with a couple options for cider (Soma Craft Cidery and Woodward Cidery) and wine.


The menu consists of bar snacks, small bites, leafy things, sandwiches, pizza, large shares and dessert. Click here to see the menu (1 and 2).

Drew Berrymore ($3.25 for 5oz)
DSC01318Pale ale with raspberry and blackberry. B found it had that unpleasant, lingering raspberry aftertaste. I thought the berry flavours weren’t prominent enough.

Tropic topic ($3.25 for 5oz)
DSC01317Pale ale with passionfruit and guava. This one we both enjoyed.

Crispy brussels sprouts ($13.25)
DSC01320Fried brussel sprouts, parmesan lemon with garlic aioli, capers and pickled onion. This was easily the best dish that we ordered. Interestingly, when this came out, the dish smelled like spicy cheetohs to me. Don’t know why. Regardless, the brussel sprouts were texturally on point and crispy. The aioli was light but still satisfying. Overall, excellent balance and flavourful.

Szechuan soy ramen ($15.95)
DSC01328Scallions, bok choy, chili marinated egg and sesame seeds. Ramen at a brewery was probably not the best choice but I was intrigued. Spoiler alert, don’t bother. Broth lacked depth as the main note was chili oil. Noodles were okay but weren’t toothsome or springy. The egg was the best part of the bowl. Overall, not much ingredients and overpriced.

Montreal smoked not-meat ($13.95)
DSC01324Spice smoked eggplant, sauerkraut, house made coconut cheese and Russian dressing. The description sounded promising but taste wise, it left us wanting more.



The eggplant wasn’t spicy. The sauerkraut didn’t add any sour or crunchy bite to the sandwich. Another skip.

Carnivore ($17.95)
DSC01323Italian sausage, chorizo, pepperoni, prosciutto, smoked gouda & mozzarella and classic red sauce. Pizza was solid. Pleasant texture, good amount of ingredients and balanced flavour. The other dish that everyone enjoyed.

Bright Eye burger ($14.25)
DSC01322Ground brisket & short rib, provolone, crispy proscuitto, pickled red onion and garlic aioli. This also came with a side of fries. Burger was small and didn’t have much ingredients in it.


Decent brewery but the food needs some work at BEB.

Bright Eye Brewing
292 Tranquille Road
Kamloops, BC
(250) 312-1702