Annabelle’s Kitchen

We let our Calgarian friend’s pick a new spot for us to try. They decided on Annabelle’s Kitchen, a neighbourhood style Italian restaurant. They have a second location downtown but this one is located next door to Springbank Cheese.


We dropped in on an early Tuesday evening (6:30pm) and the patio was busy. Service was good; our waitress checked in on us several times. The menu is small; antipasti, pizza, pasta, kids menu and dessert. Dishes are meant to be shared family style.


Click here to see the drink menu (1, 2 and 3).

Fusilli ($20.00)
DSC01152Chorizo, rosemary & chili sauce, lemon and Parmesan. Fusilli had a good al dente bite. Really enjoyed the lemon bits; added bright, acidic notes. Didn’t notice much, if any, of a chili sauce hit.

Kale campanelle ($18.00)
DSC01153Cherry tomato compote, olives, fresh basil and olive oil. The green olives were a brilliant addition. Never had that in a pasta dish before. The only two thing we didn’t like about the pasta dishes was that the portion sizes were too small. You won’t get full one.

Tearing me up ($19.00)
DSC01158Spicy eggplant, artichokes, fresh tomato, provolone and red pepper sauce. Pizzas are a better portion but there wasn’t much eggplant on it.


Tasted more artichoke than eggplant. The spiciness comes from the chili oil. Standard flavours.

Mind your manner ($22.00)
DSC01156Wagyu beef pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella, hot honey and tomato sauce. Not sure where the “wagyu” comes in; we couldn’t tell the difference.


The hot honey was an interesting addition. Added some sweetness but nothing over the top.


AK was good, simple Italian fare but the portion size is somewhat lacking.

Annabelle’s Kitchen
3574 Garrison Gate SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 454-0268