Kind Ice Cream

Finally was able to try Kind Ice Cream while we were in town. They’re across the street from the Ritchie Market that houses Little Duchess Bake Shop, Transcend Coffee, ACME Meat Market and Biera/Blind Enthusiasm.


Sign outsides with all their flavour options.



We dropped in on a Friday afternoon (around 4:00pm) and there was a small queue. It went fairly quick though as they have two separate counters to order once you get inside.




There were 12 always flavours (with two vegan options) and four rotating flavours.


Scoops are $5.50 (single) and $7.50 (double) while pints are $10.00. Waffle cones are an additional $1.00.


Closeup of their rotating flavours.

Double scoop ($7.50)
DSC01060We opted for the frosé sorbet and cookies & sour cream. The frosé was surprisingly delightful, fruity (they use a pear and strawberry puree) and refreshing. The cookies & sour cream spin on the classic flavour intrigued us. It had just the right amount of sour note.


Debit or credit only. Glad to see there’s finally some ice cream options/competition in town. Will be back again!

Kind Ice Cream
9551 – 76 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(587) 759-0080