Country Coco

After a couple hours of beach v-ball, we were ready for dinner. I wanted to try a new Korean spot so decided to give Country Coco a try. They took over from Luscious Kitchen and before that, Sambol Sri Lankan (RIP). This plaza has really become Korean with Miga, Pocha Seoul, Gangnam Street Foods and Let Eat Snow all in the same block.


We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 5:00pm). It was pretty dead inside besides several few takeout orders. Service was excellent. Love how they have a button that you press to get their attention.





The menu consists of barbecue chicken, fried chicken (aka. KFC), shares & sides and a few combo options.



Chicken orders takes 15-20 minutes as they’re made to order.

DSC01068You only get side dish, cubed radish, but these were crunchy and light.

COCO rabokki (#19) ($14.00)
DSC01066Korean style sweet & spicy noodle with fish cakes and dukbokki. Our waitress warned us that this was very spicy but it was mild at best. Standard fare and you don’t get much noodles. Skip it.

French fries (#24) ($6.00)
DSC01072We opted for the swing cheese ($1.50 extra). Fries were light but still had a crispy bite.


The swing cheese was tasty. Would get again.

Joomul bob (#23) ($6.00)
DSC01069Self-made seasoned rice bowl. Never had or seen this dish before.


You mix up the ingredients and form them into rice balls. Super tasty!

Goon mandu (#24) ($8.00 for 5)
DSC01073Deep fried dumplings. Standard.

Original purio (#12) ($18.00 for 10)
DSC01079Seasoning cheese top on plain fried chicken. We opted for the sweet butter seasoning with this dish. One friend found it too cheesy while another thought it was delicious (and normally doesn’t like the cheese topped chicken).


I found the chicken was the juiciest (of the three) that we tried.

Fried half & half (#13) ($32.00 for 20)
DSC0107810 pieces of crispy (aka. original) and 10 pieces (we went with the yang yum).


The OG was a consensus favourite from our group of 5. Hot crispy batter and good crunchy texture.


The yang yum was disappointing. Not much stood out about it.


Another decent Korean find in the south side.

Country Coco
9261 – 34 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 761-3334