Farrow Sandwiches & Coffee

It’s been awhile since I’ve been back in town. Since then, the Farrow Sandwiches & Coffee empire has expanded to three locations. The 124 Street branch is a few doors down from OEB.


Outside menu.


We dropped in on a Monday (around 11:30am). It’s currently takeout only and when you order, it’s one person per group. The inside is tiny so you’re better off taking your sandwiches to the nearby park.




Some merchandise (aka. coffee mugs) that they had up on display.


The menu is short and sweet; four types of sandwiches, three donuts ($2.00 to $4.00) and drinks.



Didn’t realize that that the donuts are made in-house!

2x Grick middle ($8.75)
DSC01099Fried egg, bacon, smoked cheddar, tomato jam, rosemary aioli and greens. Egg yolk exploded before we had our first bite but I guess that’s bound to happen. Bacon was crispy. Solid breakfast sandwich.

The O.G. ($11.50)
DSC01101BBQ pulled pork, swiss, creamy dill slaw and dill pickle. I’ve had this one previously. Pulled pork was tender for the most part and slaw adds some texture.

Chief beef ($10.50)
DSC01100Roast beef, ruffle chips, horseradish aioli, pickled red onions and greens. Dbone’s sandwich which I didn’t get to taste but he liked the addition of the chips to add some crunch.


Debit or card only. Essentially, this is hipster sandwiches. Better than average but you won’t be stuffed.

Farrow Sandwiches & Coffee
10240 – 124 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 249-0085