Violino Ristorante Italiano

Haven’t been to Violino Ristorante in years but my sister booked it as they have a spacious patio. It’s tucked away behind Urban Diner and nearby Brasserie Bardot.


We dropped in on a Saturday evening (with 6:30pm reservations for 8). There’s plenty of outdoor seating with both an upstairs and main area. No view though. Service was mediocre. The menu consisted of pizzas, antipasto, insalata, pasta and entrees.


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UntitledSome bread with olive oil and balsamic dip to whet our appetites.

Nervatura ($39.00)
UntitledAlberta boneless slow-braised short ribs, Barolo demi reduction and creamy risotto served with seasonal vegetables (asparagus, carrots and broccoli). My sis’s dish was the best of the ones I tried. The meat was tender but could have used more sauce. Risotto could have been more flavourful and creamier.

Fettucine tavolino ($34.00)
UntitledChicken breast, Alfredo sauce flambéd in an Asiago cheese wheel. This is their signature dish. Probably the saddest iteration of a fettucini alfredo that I’ve had. Sauce was bland, lacked any cheese flavour and to top it off, not rich or creamy enough. Barely any chicken (which for some reason were cubed) and overcooked. I’d even go far as saying Olive Garden’s is better and the last time I ate there was when I was a teenager.

Truffle pizza ($20.00)
UntitledCrème of truffle, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula and parmigiana. One of the strangest presentations for a pizza I’ve seen. They have some chili flakes, pickles, sweet pickled pepper, sweet red pepper and pickled red onions as “sides”. Flavourwise, it was generic. Couldn’t taste any of the truffle.

UntitledThey brought out a complimentary dessert for my sister’s celebration, which was a nice touch. Some sort of apple cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberries and blueberries.

Eating at VRI reminded me why we haven’t ate here in years. Don’t come here unless you’ve got money to burn.

Violino Ristorante Italiano
10133 – 125 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 757-8701

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