Sip Bowl La Mian

Sip Bowl La Main specializes in Lanzhou style hand pulled noodles. They’re located next door to Orange Corner Crepes & Restaurant.


Signs outside.





They had a couple rice specials up on their door that aren’t on the main menu.


We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 8:15pm) for a late dinner. There were a couple other tables occupied. Service is no frills; eat, pay and be on your merry way. Food came out quickly from the kitchen and careful, the soups/broth are hot.


The menu consists of 7 noodle bowl options, appetizers and meal combos. You choose between 7 noodle thicknesses (although some bowls are pre-set).


Sadly, they were sold out of their braised beef la mian option.

Sipbowl signature la mian ($12.99)
DSC00908Beef shank, sliced radish, green onion, cilantro and noodles (normal 4mm size). The broth was flavourful and I really enjoyed the prominence of black pepper.


Noodles were abundant and toothsome. Beef shank slices were solid.

Sauerkraut beef la mian ($13.99)
DSC00912Beef brisket, sauerkraut, sliced radish, green onion, cilantro and noodles (we opted for the supreme 25mm size). The broth had a touch of chili oil in it and the sauerkraut added some sourness. The noodles had a satisfying, chewy texture but were so thick it made them slightly slippery and difficult to grab. The beef brisket was excellent; tender yet still retained a bite.

Jiang shui la mian ($13.99)
DSC00922These come automatically with thin noodles (2mm), celery and cabbage.


The broth basically tasted like an Asian borscht soup; tomatoey and a note of vinegar. However, for the $14 price point, you sure don’t get much ingredients. No meat and limited vegetables.

Cold noodle ($12.99)
DSC00924Julienned cucumbers, carrots, chili flakes and thin noodles. I love me some cold noodles. These were tasty and not oily like the usual Northern Chinese ones. But again, for the price, I’m not sold.


If I were to come to SBLM, I’d stick with the signature, saurekraut beef or braised beef la mian.

Sip Bowl La Mian
255 W 41 Ave
Vancouver, BC
(778) 737-3999

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