Rib & Chicken

Never heard of Rib & Chicken before but we spotted them while driving by and came back to try them out for dinner.


They have three other locations (Langley, Burnaby and Chiliwack). This branch is across the street from ShareTea.


We dropped in on a Friday evening (around 7:30pm). They’re a touch on the slow side as it took them 15-20 minutes longer to prepare our order than originally quoted.


The menu is small with a total of 19 items; grilled meats (ribs and pork shoulder), KFC,stews and bibimbap.


It’s 10% off for takeout orders.

DSC00751Kimchi (watery, almost tasteless), pickled radish and pickled onion. Not a good start when their kimchi is barely edible.

Half and half chicken (#5) ($20.99 regular)
DSC00743We opted for the original and sweet & spicy. The chicken itself strangely wasn’t crunchy or crispy.


The OG was decent but the sweet & spicy was bad. J said it reminded him of cinnamon heart candy. Sauce had no balance.


For a place that coins themselves as KFC spot, this was disappointing.

Grilled pork shoulder with spicy noodles (#18) ($15.99)
DSC00749Not sure what happened with our order but we were given rice and soup instead of the spicy noodles. The rice that came with this was awful; dry and clumpy. Salad was plain and generic.


The soup was homey and came with a mix of seafood (mussels, squid, baby shrimp and small chunks of fish), egg, onion and tofu.


However, the pork shoulder was properly grilled. Good marinade (on the sweeter side) and satisfying bite. Wish they took the time to cook the onions more.

Hot stone pot spicy pork bibimbap (#11) ($12.99)
DSC00750Not sure where the hot stone part of this comes into play but the bibimbap was fairly standard.

R&C was more misses than hits with their dishes. Can’t get over how disappointing their KFC was.

Rib & Chicken
1660 Renfrew Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-0773