Chengdu Spicy Restaurant

We drive by Chengdu Spicy Restaurant all the time but I’ve never thought to give it a try until a buddy wanted to check them out. They specialize in Szechaun food. They have a second location out in Richmond. This branch is next door to a Bubble World.


Hours. Closed on Wednesday.


We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 6:30pm). There was a handful of tables occupied. Service is standard but at least they came by a few times to refill our teapot. This was one of the first Szechuan places that doesn’t overdo it with the chili oil and spice level is much more subdued. A nice change of pace.


The menu is massive with Chengdu specialty mao cai, appetizers & cold dishes, signature dishes, chef’s specialties, seafood, steamed, vegetables, soup, fried rice/noodle and staple food (noodle, vermicelli, wonton and guokui).


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11).


They also had a menu on the table for their signature/recommended dishes.

DSC05991They brought out a complimentary side of cabbage drizzled with chili oil. Super tasty! Believe they blanch the cabbage.

Steamed rice ($5.00)
DSC05997They brought out a medium sized bowl. On the bill, it worked out to be four bowls. Good enough to share between our party of 5.

Mao cai ($18.99)
DSC05998We opted for the choice of 2 meats (pork belly slices and fish slices) and 2 side dishes (potato noodle and Chinese cabbage). This is their speciality but the broth wasn’t particularly outstanding. My favourite thing was the glass noodles. Yes, even over the meats. May have been different if we’d ordered lamb and fatty beef slices but one friend is unfortunately allergic.

Chilled mouth watering chicken ($10.99)
DSC05993This was excellent. The chicken was fantastic; tender but still springy. The sauce had multiple layers of flavour; sweet, savoury and unexpectedly refreshing. One of the better renditions we’ve had of this dish. Get it.

Hot & spicy string beans ($12.99)
DSC05996Standard fare but the string beans were crunchy and satisfying.

Spicy diced rabbit meat ($12.99)
DSC06002The rabbit was tasty but it’s more bone than meat. The meat to effort ratio wasn’t there for us. There’s also some peanuts and green onion. Worth a try but I wouldn’t get this over the chicken.

Chengdu house special tan tan noodle ($7.99)
DSC06005There wasn’t any peanut flavour; instead, you get an in your face peppercorn/numbing note. Decent but on the small size.


Debit or credit card only if your bill is above $50.00. CSR was better than expected.

Chengdu Spicy Restaurant
#6, 4300 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(778) 379-2226

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