Sansho Sushi & Japanese Dining

We were in North Van and my buddy that was visiting wanted sushi so we decided to try out Sansho Sushi & Japanese Dining. Never heard of this place before.




We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 7:00pm) and were seated immediately. The inside is spacious and bright. Service is friendly and they came by several times to refill teas and water.


Menu is long with starters, tempura, salad, sunomono, grilled fish, noodles, aburi oshi sushi, donburi, teriyaki, special dinner, sashimi, sushi and rolls.


Was surprised they had chawan-mushi but it was pricey ($7.95). Click here to see the menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).


They also had a few specials up on their chalkboard and dessert.

DSC04067We tried their spotted prawn ($4.50), red tuna ($4.00) and saba ($2.00).


Saba was very average.


Our buddy enjoyed the spotted prawn.



The big eyed tuna (on their chalkboard specials) was good.

Unagi ($5.50) and negi-hamachi ($6.00)
DSC04069Sauce was very sweet. Meh. Didn’t find the negi-hamachi that great either. For the price, the rolls were small and smushed.

Spicy tuna ($5.00) and tamago roll ($3.50)
DSC04068Didn’t find these memorable. Found all their rolls were like that. There was too much rice and no bite to the grains. Unfortunately, our waitress messed up our order and put our tamago nigiri request in as rolls. The tamago itself was okay but sweetness was on the higher end of the scale. Not my favourite.

Salmon aburi oshi ($12.95)
DSC04079Sockeye salmon, jalapeno slices, aburi sauce and sansho pepper. Standard fare.

Sashimi dinner ($21.95)
DSC04074Chef’s choice of fresh sashimi along with one kobachi dish, rice, miso soup and salad.



Salad had a tasty dressing on it.


Miso soup was standard.


Sashimi was reasonably priced and consisted of sockeye salmon, maguro, amaebi, hamachi, tako, toro, hotate and hokki. Everything was quite fresh but the best bites were the hokki (barely find any enjoyable surf clam), hotate (small but touch of lemon was perfect), tako (slight chew) and hamachi (pleasant mouth feel).



Skip on the rolls. I’m not running back to Sansho anytime soon but it was decent.

Sansho Sushi & Japanese Dining
707 Queensbury Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
(778) 340-1189

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