Marutama Ramen

Marutama Ramen is slowly expanding into the burbs and I’m all for it. I’ve been to all their other branches (two downtown and Marutama Gaiden on Main Street). If you haven’t been, they specialize in tori-paitan. Their Metrotown location is next to a Boiling Point and Cha Time. They took over from Ramen Raijin.


Sign outside.


We dropped in on an early Saturday (around 4:15pm) and lucked out as there was no wait. The inside was packed and service is exactly the same as their other locations. Constant refills of water and food comes out quick. There was a massive, constant line when we drove by that day (noon, 2pm and 7pm) so keep that in mind when you go.



Menu is short and sweet; a few appetizers and 8 ramen options. Note: prices have increased due to COVID compared to menu above. I’ve updated based on their online prices. Kae-dama is $1.50 $1.75.



My go to is usually the tamago ramen. Their beloved condiments (garlic chips, sesame seeds and red pepper flakes) are always on the tables.


Make sure to tell them the noodle firmness you want (I always get firm).

Kae-dama ($1.50) – J was hungry so he ordered a noodle refill. It was a surprisingly large portion. I had to help him finish.

Dashimaki ($5.00)
DSC06154Four pieces of Japanese omelette. I’ve heard good things but oddly never ordered it.


The dashimaki was warm, eggy and delicate. Perfect to whet your appetite.

Gyoza ($5.50)
DSC06165Pan-fried pork dumplings. Didn’t find these particularly good.


If you’re going to get an appetizer, stick with the dashimaki.

Tamago ramen ($12.50)
DSC06156This is their signature bowl with a soft-boiled egg. We got this mild so that you can taste the creamy chicken broth. Broth had good depth and flavour.


Thin noodles were bouncy and firm as we requested. Cha-shu was tender and stayed that way while we ate. Tamago was perfectly cooked. Aosa seaweed and green onions add some balance to the bowl.

Tan-men ($12.50)
DSC06159Vegetable toppings (wood ear mushroom, cabbage, carrot, green beans and green onions). We decided to branch out and try their vegetable ramen. The broth surprised me; had much more flavour than I was expecting. A little lighter but still warm and inviting. The mix of vegetables was great but would have liked more mushrooms.

Aka ramen ($14.75)
DSC06155Rich flavour with grounded nuts and chili. I had a couple of bites of J’s bowl. The broth was excellent with a slight heat and you can really taste the seafood (believe it’s dried shrimp).

Card payment only. Whenever people ask me what my favourite ramen spot is in the city, I always tell them to check out Marutama. Satisfying, quick and consistent.

Marutama Ramen
5278 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 430-3343

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