Sushi Modo

We haven’t gone for sushi in awhile so after squash, we decided to check out Sushi Modo. They’re next door to Amorosa Pasta House and Dahlak Restaurant.





Sign outside.


We dropped in on an early Saturday (around 4:30pm) and there was surprisingly people inside. Service is mediocre as they only refilled our teas once and it took forever to pay (even though I was standing right by the cash till).


The menu is huge with appetizers, salad, tempura, noodle and soup, hot pot, entrée, rice don, sushi don, sashimi, nigiri, aburi, sushi combinations, maki sushi & roll and special rolls. There’s a lunch special bento (only available till 3:00pm).


Click here to see the menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10).

Spicy agedashi tofu ($5.50)
DSC06664Deep fried tofu with spicy sauce. Not sure where the spicy part comes in. This wasn’t very memorable.

Spicy chicken karaage ($6.95)
DSC06665Deep fried boneless chicken. This was the better of the two appetizers.

Tamago and inari nigiri ($1.50 each)
DSC06672Always get a tamago as benchmark. Texture was okay but nothing really stands out in my mind about it.


J got for himself an inari nigiri.

Alfa tuna oshi sushi ($12.00 for 6)
DSC06668Spicy special sauce, alfalfa and green onion.


Good sear to the tuna but the special sauce was oddly salty.

Negitoro roll ($4.50)
DSC06671They looked good but I didn’t love the rice.

Spicy chopped scallop roll ($5.50)
DSC06675Don’t get it spicy. Couldn’t taste the scallop.

Red devil roll ($14.00 for 8)
DSC06678Spicy real crab and avocado topped with smoked salmon, chopped scallop and tobiko. B said this terrible and found the rice wet. Only thing liked was the smoked salmon.

Not much else to say about SM other than it’s another average sushi spot.

Sushi Modo
7874 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
(604) 553-0142

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