Mui Ngo Gai

Got to try another legit Vietnamese spot, Mui Ngo Gai, on a rainy dreary night. According to LA, they’re from the northern part of Vietnam.


Great hours (10:00am to midnight). Closed Tuesday.


Outside menu. They also do BBT in case that wasn’t clear.


We dropped in on a Wednesday evening for dinner (around 7:30pm). We weren’t expecting the inside to be so spacious but there’s plenty of seating. The place was only half full but there were quite a few individuals grabbing takeout. There’s a TV in the back if you need entertaining. Service was very sweet and the lady even waved goodbye as we left. They take credit cards too (shocker, I know).


This slot is where the food magically appears from the kitchen. The Canucks logo is a cute touch.


The menu is massive; appetizers, pho, speciality soups, noodles, rice, combos, dinner entrees/special noodle dishes, southern style salty caramelized meat, hot pot, canh soup, vegetarian and drinks. Phew, so many things! The speciality soups had me the most intrigued. Click here to see the menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12).


You can request for their “special” chili sauce, which is regular chili sauce.

DSC04320Basil, bean sprouts and lime.

Pho tai (#16) ($8.50 small)
DSC04321LA went with her standard, rare beef. A small bowl is pretty dang reasonable.

Canh bun (#47) ($11.00 large)
DSC04322Crab paste, cooked pork blood, tofu, morning glory, chives and large round rice noodles. This is like a mix between bun rieu and bun bo hue (at least the round noodles and pork blood were).


Broth was flavourful and had me sipping to the last drops my spoon could reach. The crab paste was a generous portion. Overall, a very satisfying bowl.

Banh xeo (D1) ($11.50)
DSC04325Vietnamese pan fried crepe with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts. It also came with lettuce wraps, herbs, pickled daikon, pickled carrots and a side of nuoc mam.


This was MASSIVE. This dish came out last but who cares, it’s practically a meal on it’s own! The crepe was deliciously crispy. Pretty sure this is the best ban xeo I’ve had in Canada.

Trip #2
Mango ($5.50)
DSC06892J added pearls ($0.50 extra). You can tell that they use real mango. Smooth consistency.

Barbequed chicken salad roll (#6) ($5.50 for 2)
DSC06877These were well done. Slices of daikon added a crunchy, slightly sweet flavour.

Crispy chicken wings (#7) ($6.75)
DSC06880You get 6 wings that were excellently battered and deep fried.


Definitely overpriced but at least they were good.

Bun oc (#44) ($11.95)
UntitledSnail and crispy tofu with caramelized shallots, Vietnamese perilla herb and sauteed tomatoes. The snails were very firm. Broth was fantastic; good depth and flavour. It’s a satisfying bowl but I found it wasn’t enough to fill me up.

Trip #3
DSC06876Basil, bean sprouts and lime wedges. A hefty amount of bean sprouts.

Barbequed pork salad roll (#3) ($5.50 for 2)
DSC06883Brought these home for B. Decent.

Bun moc (#41) ($11.50 large)
DSC06879Special pork soup with freshly made pork balls, Vietnamese ham, caramelized shallots and small rice noodles.


The shallots were a nice touch. Noodles are thin and didn’t fill me up. Broth itself is light, aromatic and a touch on the sweet side.


Half a dozen pork balls; tasty and fresh.

Vegetarian fried rice (V14) ($11.50)
DSC06887Tofu and vegetables. Had a bite of J’s dish; vegetables weren’t fresh. Then again, I’d never order this type of dish at a Vietnamese joint.

Their soups are well done but won’t fill you up. Will slowly work my way through MNG’s specialty soups.

Mui Ngo Gai
2052 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 876-8885

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