SüLT Pierogi Bar

We decided to check out Sult Pierogy Bar for an early dinner. They have open mic nights on Monday (starting at 7:30pm). We were debating whether to stay for that but decided not to after our meal.


Sign outside.




We dropped in on a Monday (around 5:15pm). The inside is spacious and has a cool grungy vibe to it. Be aware, they blast the heavy metal music.


Service is friendly but our waitress was not on top of things. The worst was the wait for food. It took ages; we didn’t order much but it was over an hour before we got our meal. No apologies or anything.


The menu is split into dogs, sides & dips, original plates and pierogies. They also have a fresh sheet with a couple specials.


Click here to see the food menu (1, 2, 3) and drinks (1, 2, 3 and 4).

Pickled vegetables ($3.50)
DSC00984A good mix of pickled cauliflower, onions, mushroom and broussel sprouts. This was probably the best thing we ate.

Keep BC green ($15.00)
DSC009867 squeak pierogies tossed in pesto butter, baby spinach, kale, arugula, roasted vegetables, lemon goat cheese sour cream and balsamic reduction. The squeak (roasted garlic, potato and cheese) is simple but sometimes that’s best.

Hulk ($3.80 for 3) – sinach, sautéed jalapenos, garlic and cream cheese whipped potato. Not much flavour nor heat in these ones.

Here’s look’n at you kid ($17.00)
DSC009915 Casablanca pierogies, two breaded chicken skewers, crispy fried pickled cauliflower, butter chicken sauce, lemon goat cheese sour cream, tomato-cilantro salsa and warm naan. This sounded delicious on paper but left everyone wanting more. The naan was two dinky slices of pita bread. The butter chicken sauce didn’t have any spice or creamy, rich flavour. The chicken skewers reminded me of popcorn chicken you get out a box. The only thing I liked on this dish was the features pierogies.

Tiberius caesar ($4.20 for 3)
DSC00993Buffalo chicken, scallions, garlic, lemon, anchovy, Dijon, Asiago cheese, sourdough and pretzel bread. You can taste the buffalo sauce but that’s about it. Meh.

Rocket man ($4.10 for 3)
DSC00994Kimchi, Korean BBQ pork, shiitake and vegetable fried rice. We didn’t taste any kimchi. Super bland, nothing about these pierogies reminded us of Korean flavours.


Nothing here that you can’t make at home.

SüLT Pierogi Bar
609 Yates Street
Victoria, BC
(778) 265-7858

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