Temaki Sushi

y sis was in town and wanted sushi with a large group. That narrowed the options down but we decided to give Temaki Sushi a try. It’s a few doors down from Yagoto Sushi, Z&W Shanghai and Gyo Para Gyoza & Ramen Bar.




We dropped in on a Saturday evening (with 7:00pm reservations). Holy crap, it was busy.


The inside has a mix of tables, sushi bar seats and a couple larger, secluded booths.


Service was decent but you’ll have to flag someone down for tea refills. Food came out at a good pace for our table of 5.


The menu is huge; salads & sides, appetizers, tempura, robata (BBQ), sashimi, nigiri, chef’s recommendation, aburi sushi, noodles, teriyaki, donburi, assorted sushi, dinner specials and maki sushi.


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9).


They did have a separate sheet for their daily fresh options.

Yoshi no gawa goku-jo premium ginko sake ($29.95 for 300ml)
DSC00005Three of us shared a bottle of ginko sake.



Light, cold and smooth.

Agedashi tofu ($6.50)
DSC00014Deep fried tofu with radish, green onions and bonito. Standard fare.

Ika karrage ($8.50)
DSC00016Deep fried squid. Breading/coating was lighter than I expected.

Takoyaki ($8.00)
DSC00009Deep fried octopus croquette with katsu sauce, mayo and bonito. A little too saucy for my liking.

Assorted tempura ($14.00)
DSC00010Four prawn and three vegetable pieces. Prawns were good. Vegetables tasted a touch heavy.

Negitoro maki ($4.75), real crab roll ($8.50) and chop scallop roll ($6.00)
DSC00026The negitoro was excellent. Rice was tightly packed but broke apart in your mouth.


The chopped scallop was fresh.


Real crab wasn’t particularly memorable.

Miso black cod ($16.00)
DSC00018Pan seared marinated sable fish. The fish was flaky and tender yet still retained a bite. It’s a small piece but perfectly cooked.

Deluxe sushi ($26.00)
DSC00030Tuna-salmon maki with 10 pieces of assorted nigiri (chef’s selection). Nigiri were all good.





Some pieces that were different from the sashimi platter were the chopped scallop, unagi, saba and ebi.

Chef’s sashimi ($48.00 for 30 pieces)
DSC00034This comes out beautifully presented. We were given 10 types (three pieces of each); salmon, tuna, hotate, tako, hokkigai, ika, tuna gomae, shima aji, hamachi and kanpachi.





Every piece was fresh and of good quality. Seriously such a good deal!

Beef udon ($10.00)
DSC00039An abundance of beef with sliced cabbage and green onion. Broth was homey. Udon had a toothsome bite.


Beef was slightly over cooked but overall, a decent bowl of udon.

Salmon kama ($8.00)
DSC00022Decent but a lot of skin and bones. Not sure I’d personally have ordered this myself.

Unagi don ($18.00)
DSC00042BBQ eel on rice with Japanese yellow pickled daikon. Unagi was tender but not sure I’d other it if we hadn’t shared.

2x Tamago ($2.50)
DSC00045Always end my meal off with a piece of tamago nigiri. Better than average but not one of my favourites.


Pleasantly surprised by our meal at Temaki Sushi. Bring a large group

Temaki Sushi
2156 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 738-4321

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