Happy Tree House BBQ

We were planning to try out Todak Todak Restaurant but the place was packed. Happy Tree House BBQ is next door so we put our names on the waitlist for both restaurants and decided to go with whichever spot was quicker. Obviously, that turned out to be HTH. They’re all about the skewers and have a second location out in Richmond. This plaza also houses Happy Lemon and Love for Pho.

We dropped in on a busy Friday evening (around 8:00pm) and waited 45 minutes for a table. Service was awful and the cherry on top was that a) they claimed our table could only use three card transactions (never heard of a policy like this before) and b) the waitress had the balls to ask why we didn’t tip more. Unreal. I don’t complain much about service but that was just unprofessional.


There’s one menu sheet consisting of BBQ skewers, grilled fish, hot pot skewers, cold dish, soup & noodles and drinks. Skewers all have the same cumin spiced flavouring. Note: prices listed below are PER skewer. Beware of what you order because the bill will rack up quickly.

Kokanee ($12.80 pitcher) – your better off drinking water (Kokanee is like water beer) but at least a pitcher is cheap.

3x Heineken ($2.99) –  this is why my bro likes this place. Cheap beers.

Enoki mushroom ($6.95)
UntitledSmothered in butter and paprika. Dinkiest portion, don’t bother.

8x Chicken wings ($2.95)
UntitledTwo wings on each skewer so works out to $1.50 each. Wings are tender and juicy.

Handmade noodle in lamb meat soup ($9.95)
UntitledBroth is plain but the noodles (wavy) had a decent bite. Lamb slices were good.

Eggplant ($6.95)
UntitledThis was a ripoff. Doused in minced garlic so that’s all you will taste. Don’t bother with any of their vegetable options.


One bite lu lamb kebab ($9.95 for 10) – these are as described. Literally one mouthful of lamb but done well.

2x Chicken skin ($1.95) – standard fare.

3x Chicken heart ($1.95) – love me some chicken hearts but these were mediocre. Not plump and juicy like the ones we had at Shine Valley.

5x Chicken kebab ($1.95) – don’t remember eating any chicken skewers.

5x Pork ($1.95) – pork skewers were standard.

10x Beef ($1.99) – similar feelings with the beef skewers.

2x Steamed garlic prawn ($2.99)
UntitledDecent but small portion. There’s noodle and garlic added on top. Okay but not really worth the price tag.

2x Spicy pork hock ($2.95)
UntitledMostly cartilage. This takes effort to eat but I like hock.

2x BBQ scallop ($2.99)
UntitledTiny scallops. Wouldn’t get this again.

2x Mini abalone ($5.95)
UntitledDon’t know why we ordered this but these are so small. Not worth $6 each. Skip it.

Overpriced and we weren’t full from our meal. One trip to HTH BBQ was enough.

Happy Tree House BBQ
3542 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(778) 383-9575

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