TEO Korean Restaurant

After checking out three breweries in Port Moody, we were ready for some Korean food. We let our Korean friend choose a spot and she opted for TEO Korean Restaurant.


I’m not sure but this place also goes by Tongileo. Apparently, they also own the butcher shop in this plaza too.





We dropped in on a Saturday evening (around 7:00pm) and grabbed a booth right away. Service was friendly and they came by to refill banchan, our hot pot with more soup and teapot (barley tea was excellent).


The menu consists of soups, bibimbab, noodle, special, hotpot, teppan grill, dishes and BBQ. Click here to see the menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).They also had a special up behind the counter.


You can also buy their kimchi for home ($19.00 for 2L along with even bigger sizes).

DSC09039Kim chi, bean sprouts, radish and potatoes.




Kimchi was solid but my favourite side dish was the bean sprouts.


Homemade fried dumplings ($9.99)
DSC09040These came out piping hot. Not too greasy, good crunch and filling. Would try the steamed version next time.

Seafood tofu soup ($11.99)
DSC09054A decent amount of seafood and tofu but the broth wasn’t too spicy and lacked depth.

Assorted soondae ($19.99 large)
DSC09047Pork blood sausage, liver and intestines. It came with a side of dipping salt.


Blood sausage and intestines were both excellent. Intestines had a satisfying chewy texture.



Didn’t love the liver.

Pork galbi BBQ + pork kimchi tofu soup ($15.99)
DSC09046This was one of their special/combo options (which we weren’t even originally going to order). Turns out the pork galbi BBQ was the best dish of the night! Marinade was excellent and the pork was incredibly tender. Loved the grilled onion too.


The pork kimchi was decent with an egg, pork slices (a touch overcooked), tofu and kimchi. The broth didn’t have much depth.

Bibimbap hot stone pot ($12.99)
DSC09048Assorted vegetables with rice. Standard fare.

Kop chang hot pot ($37.99 small)
DSC09058First time I’ve had beef tripe hot pot. Tripe, intestines, zucchini, carrot, cabbage, onion, enoki mushroom, mushrooms and glass noodles.


The broth was intense; a good spicy level. A small is supposed to be good for 3-4 people but this easily fed our group of 6.


Solid, homey Korean food and reasonably priced. If I’m in PoCo, I’d come back again.

TEO Korean Restaurant
2579 Lougheed Highway
Port Coquitlam, BC

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