Shine Valley Lamb Soup

I’d never heard of Shine Valley Lamb Soup before but a co-worker recommended it to me. It’s a Northern Chinese restaurant that’s located upstairs.


Sign outside.


Hours. Closed on Thursday.


We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 6:00pm) and were able to get a table with no wait. Service isn’t too shabby as they have a button to call a server over (to order, for more water, the bill, etc.).


The main menu consists of cold dishes, lamb soup, signature dishes, hot, new, vegetable and staples. They also have a separate menu for skewers.



If you order ahead of time, you can buy a whole roasted lamb for $666.00.

Cooked lamb meat in lamb soup ($43.99 large)
DSC09079This comes with four cakes. Buns have a light, flaky texture but taste better when you dip them into the soup.




The broth itself was homey and came with lamb, cabbage and thin clear noodles.

Stir-fried bone-in lamb meat ($19.99 small)
DSC09080We opted for the spicy version (which it wasn’t).


Good chunks of meat and chewy bite.

Lamb meat stuffed dumplings ($13.99)
DSC09082Slightly thicker wrapping and solid filling.

Lamb skewer ($1.49 each)
DSC09083Standard fare.

Beef tenderloin skewer ($1.49 each)
DSC09084Tender and beefy.

5x Chicken heart ($1.25 each)
DSC09085These were plump and juicy.

5x Chicken gristle skewer ($1.49 each)
DSC09086Not our favourite. All about the crunchy, cartilage texture.

5x Chicken gizzard ($1.25 each)
DSC09088Good texture.

3x Chinese lamb pie ($1.99 each)
DSC09087These weren’t the best. Way too greasy. Most interesting thing was that they looked like pupusas (Asian style).


Come with a large group so that you can order more things. SVLS is all about the lamb goodness.

Shine Valley Lamb Soup
#2215, 4653 Garden City Road
Richmond, BC
(778) 735-0702

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