Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant

We wanted to go for Malaysian and randomly found Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant in our search.. They’re a few doors down from Baci Ristorante.


Hours. Closed on Tuesday.


We’ve been twice now. The inside is modern and new; lots of nice touches and there’s room for about 40 people. Service is friendly and prompt; they came by several times to refill our teas and water.

The menu is split into appetizers, signature dishes (Hainanese chicken and Malaysian curry rice), from the wok and noodle soups (laksa and tom yum).



You know I’m always on the lookout for a good laksa. They also have a drink/dessert menu (1 and 2).

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 7:00pm) for dinner. The place was about half full.

Roti canai ($5.95)
DSC03957Came with a side of curry dipping sauce. Their roti canai seemed slightly denser, less flaky than others.



Coconut curry sauce is the same as the one you get with their curry rice dishes. Okay but would have liked more coconut flavour.

Hainanese chicken set meal ($11.50)
DSC03948The set came with soup, yellow chicken rice and a red chili and ginger dipping sauce. Chicken was tender and moist.



Rice was standard but have had better elsewhere in town.



Winter melon soup was light and homey.



Both sauces were excellent.

Beef curry on rice ($11.50)
DSC03964This came with a side of steamed rice. For the price, you don’t get a lot of beef pieces.


Maybe half a dozen? At least the beef was tasty and tender.

Seafood laksa ($13.95)
DSC03966Curry based with tofu, bean sprouts, egg, lemongrass, lime juice and coconut milk. We opted for the mixed noodles (vermicelli, egg noodle and rice noodles).


The broth looked and tasted slightly watered down but there was a subtle kick, ending note. Homey but it won’t blow you away. There was a good mix of seafood; shrimps, bass, a fish ball and a few mini scallops.

Belachan fried rice ($12.95)
DSC03960Fried rice with dried shrimp, chili pepper, pork, shrimp egg and soya sauce. Good wok hay.

Trip #2
We dropped in on a Saturday for lunch (around 12:15pm).

Hainanese chicken set meal ($11.50)
DSC06770We got the Hainanese chicken again. Not the best in town but serviceable.




A few closeup pics of the chicken, rice and sauces.

Singapore style vermicelli ($12.95)
DSC06777Pan fried thin rice noodle with shrimp, BBQ pork, bean sprout, red pepper, egg, onion and curry sauce. Didn’t detect much heat, if any, to this. Standard fare.

Beef laksa ($11.50)
DSC06776Beef chunks weren’t great. Dry and B thought they were freezer burned.


Broth was okay but lacked depth; again, it seemed watered down.

Curry seafood fried rice ($12.95)
DSC06774Fried rice with scallop, shrimp, fish, egg, chili, vegetable and curry sauce. This was our favourite dish of our meal.


Seems like their fried rices are consistently good; balanced flavours and good mix of seafood.


Everything was enjoyable but I’m still on the hunt for a laksa that will impress.

Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant
3760 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC
(778) 893-0492

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