Toyo Sushi

We wanted to get food at Pho Hoan Pasteur but sadly, they were closed for a week during the holidays. We were crunched for time so decided to try Toyo Sushi next door.


We dropped in on a Friday (around 1:30pm) and there were a couple customers inside. You have to go up to order at the counter. One of the workers came by and told us their #1 best seller was the poke bowls. That was a red flag already.



The menu has everything; appetizers, udon, tempura, rice bowls, noodles, bentos, sushi and poke bowls. Too many things.



Not sure who’d be ordering their dinner for two ($45.00)…

2x Green tea ($1.99) – it’d be nice if they told you they charge for tea when they offered drinks (water or tea).

Bento box combo A ($10.99)
DSC08725Ol went with beef, teriyaki sauce and sushi & tempura combo. You get California rolls. Standard bento box fare.

Assorted sushi combo ($11.99)
DSC087266 spicy tuna makis and 5 nigiri pieces. Tuna makis had too much rice. The nigiri didn’t look appealing and the plate itself was so tiny. Nothing memorable about the tuna, salmon or ebi nigiri.


Avocado at least was decent. Tamago, which is my gauge/measurement on a restaurant, was not good.


Nothing stood out at TS. Generic Japanese food. Would not come back.

Toyo Sushi
16946 – 107 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 451-8166

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