North Noodle House

I’ve heard good things from two friends about North Noodle House. They usually come here for food before seeing a movie. They’re located in the New Westminster skytrain station (top floor) beside Bobacabana.




We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon (around 1:00pm). The inside is small with three tables and 3 high chairs to people watch the commuters (17 seats total). The two larger tables are communal so be ready to share with strangers. Service is decent and food comes out quickly.


The menu consists of Northern specialities, noodles (fried, soup, sauce and flavored), wonton & dumplings, fried pancake, cold dishes, snacks and desserts. You can request the type of noodles you want (either hand dragged or cutting).


Click here for the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).


Love that they give you baby scissors to cut your noodles; first Chinese spot I’ve seen that’s done that. About time!

Herbal tea ($3.50)
DSC04139M’s always got to get a drink with his meal.

Pork Chinese burger ($5.50)
DSC04140Flat bead filled with pork and hot peppers. The bread was light, pillowy and soft but the pork filling was soooooo salty. Instant hit of salt punctuated my taste buds.

Xin-jiang noodles ($15.98)
DSC04148Fried chicken with potatoes, peppers and onion in a spicy star anise sauce. This is their most expensive dish on the menu.


No idea why it’s so pricey because you don’t get that much chicken pieces. Speaking of the chicken, wow, it was incredibly salty. At least the noodles had a toothsome, chewy bite but even that couldn’t save this dish.

Lan Zhou beef noodle soup ($9.98)
DSC04143Have had Lan Zhou at numerous places and this one was okay. Standard noodles and very thin beef pieces. The broth was salty; reminded us of sea water. Yikes. Clearly, someone in the kitchen has a heavy hand on the salt seasoning.

Spicy cold noodles with beef & cucumber ($10.98)
DSC04146These come with the thin, dragging noodles. Surprisingly, this was everyone’s favourite dish. Broth was light and refreshing with a touch of sourness.


Beef slices were excellent and retained its bite.


Salty, salty, salty. Couldn’t get over it. Merely average noodles at NNH.

North Noodle House
#356, 800 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC
(604) 544-6611

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