New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant

Don’t go for much dim sum these days but we decided to splurge and try New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant. It’s connected to the T&T Supermarket.


We dropped in on a Sunday (with 11:30am reservations) and it was slammed. We didn’t even get seated on time with reso’s. Service is better than your average dim sum spot; constant refill of your teapots.


The menu is split into dim sum, pan fried/deep fried/baked, rice rolls, rice in casseroles, dessert, congee, chef’s special and vermicelli/rice/noodles. Dim sum dishes range from $5.38 (small) to $9.98 (top).


Click here to see the menu (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Steamed beetroot with seafood and wild mushroom dumpling (#3) ($8.68)
DSC06722Never seen this before. Beets were prominent. Tasted more vegetables (mushroom, corn and daikon) over seafood.

Stir fried daikon cake with XO sauce (#67) ($10.98)
DSC06718Liked that these were not greasy at all. Slightly pricey but enjoyable.

Mix wild mushroom dumpling (#9) ($7.68)
DSC06721These were bomb. Great bouncy wrapper, tasty mushrooms and a splash of truffle oil.

Steamed chicken feet in special sauce (#10) ($6.68)
DSC06717This was the only item I thought was standard. I guess you can’t fancy up chicken feet.

Deep fried minced pork with shrimp and fried turnip dumplings (#22) ($7.68)
DSC06728These were light but perfectly crispy. Fresh makes all the difference.

Glutinous wild rice wraps with dried scallop and chicken (#12) ($8.68)
DSC06714Wild rice was quality.


Sesame with scallion pancake (#18) ($7.68)
DSC06729Translation is off. It’s a bun; soft and fluffy but not too much flavour.

Dry scallop and green onion rice roll (#30) ($7.68)
DSC06727These are rolled mini style but seemed to be never ending. Above average.

Steamed black truffle siu mai (#1) ($7.68)
DSC06732You can smell the truffle oil. These were excellent.

HK style spicy deep fried boneless yellow fish ($13.98)
DSC06734Good batter, lightly fried but salty. Didn’t think it was worth the price point.


You pay for the quality at New Mandarin but all the dishes were well executed. I’d come back again.

New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant
4650 Gladstone St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 336-9388

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