Pho Long Vietnamese Restaurant

We’d parked in the area a few days ago when I spotted Pho Long Vietnamese Restaurant and asked why we’d never been. It’s a few steps away from Bells & Whistles.





Love the old school, 90’s neon decor/vibe going on inside. Service was fast but the food came out even faster. Took us longer to look at the menu than to get our food.



Condiments on the table were standard fare.


The menu is split into pho, Vietnamese specialties, rice, beef stew, desserts and drinks. Every table seemed to be ordering cha gio (deep fried spring rolls).


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2 and 3).

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Thursday afternoon (around 1:00pm).

DSC06928Basil, bean sprouts and lime. They gave a crazy amount of bean sprouts. Basil was very fresh.

Cafe sua da (#8) ($3.55)
DSC06939French style iced coffee with condensed milk.


The coffee is strong but tasty.

Goi cuon (#23) ($3.55)
DSC06923Shrimp and pork salad roll. Love how you can order them individually!



Good mix of meats, daikon, carrot, lettuce and they used a thicker noodle. Good!

Cha gio (#27) ($3.49)
DSC06924Deep fried spring roll with rice vermicelli. These are the real deal, legit.


Done with the proper rice paper. Crispy, delicious goodness.

Pho long dac biet (#1) ($9.55 large)
DSC06936Rare beef, well done brisket, flank, tendon, beef balls and tripe. The amount of meat they give you is incredibly generous for the price and all excellent quality.


All the meats stayed tender the whole time I was eating my bowl. Broth tasted a little lighter, almost healthier than other nearby spots.

Pho ga chien (#13) ($8.55 small)
DSC06933BBQ chicken with rice noodles. The small was more than enough for B; she had to bring home leftovers.




They give you at least a quarter chicken; super juicy, moist and flavourful. Great value again.

Trip #2
We dropped in on a Wednesday evening (around 9:30pm). Pretty empty.

UntitledBasil, bean sprouts and limes.

Hu tieu saigon (#28) ($9.75 large)
UntitledSaigon seafood with pork and rice noodles. Three shrimps, imitation crab and pork. The broth was light, sweet and slightly peppery.

Bun bo hue (#29) ($9.75 large)
UntitledDecided to try their BBH which spoiler alert was beyond disappointing. Broth was spicy but once you got through, there was no depth or flavour to the broth. It was almost bland. At least the meats (pork hock, beef slices and pork slices) were tender. No pork blood though. Would not get it again.


Pho Long is cheap and open late. Just make sure to bring cash.

Pho Long Vietnamese Restaurant
3370 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 872-2879

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