KT Noodle House

I was still hungry so after a quick pit stop for coffee, we headed back to Chinatown where I’d randomly spotted KT Noodle House. They seem to be a mix of Chinese as they serve both dim sum and noodle bowls.


Sign outside.


Hours and outside menu to peruse is always nice.



We dropped in on a late Sunday afternoon (around 2:30pm). The inside is clean and modern with 7 tables (24 seats total). Our server brought out waters for us.


There’s vinegar, soy sauce and a homemade chili oil sauce on the table. Definitely try the chili oil if you want to add some spice.


Cute panda holder for your chopsticks.


Menu is split into noodles, dim sum, bubble tea and tea.



Stick with the noodle options.

BBQ pork bun ($5.45 for 3)
DSC00854We tried their cha shu bao. They steam them in three separate baskets.


Filling is tiny inside and the bun itself is a tad dry. Unspectacular.

Beef brisket noodle soup ($9.95)
DSC00849You choose the type of noodles you want (I opted for thick) and comes with half a marinated egg, bok choy and five small pieces of beef brisket. Broth is simple but had good flavour.


The noodles were wavy and thin but had a reasonably good bite to them. Won’t blow you away but they were respectable.


Stick with KT’s noodle bowls and you’ll be happy.

KT Noodle House
559 Fisgard Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-3559

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