Sweet Memory Dessert

After dinner, as always, we were looking for a place to grab some desserts. Our friend has been a few times to Sweet Memory and has enjoyed it so we ventured over. It’s sister restaurant to Memory Corner (also located in Richmond).


Hours. Open till 12:30am every night!


We dropped in on a Saturday evening (around 8:00pm). Busy but we were seated immediately. The inside is decorated to give a nostalgic, old school vibe; bright red lamps adorn the ceiling while a vintage bicycle, posters and creepy figurines round out the rest of the decor. Service is reasonably good but you need to flag them down.




The menu is massive with snacks, desserts (shaved ice, speciality and tofu pudding) and drinks. Minimum charge per person is $3.75. The fresh fruit shaved ice pot ($30.00) sounded promising. The Guandong boils (boiled vegetable street snack/skewers) also looked good.


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10).

Trip #1

Wintermelon tea
DSC03113Light with a touch of sweetness. Everyone really enjoyed the tea, so much so that we had three full teapots of it.

Taiwanese tea egg ($4.25 for 2)
DSC03101One buddy ordered their tea eggs. I didn’t try but he said they were a touch over cooked.

Grass jelly ($5.95)
DSC03102This was our favourite dessert of the night. They make the grass jelly fresh, in-house and is topped with evaporated milk.


There was slight herbal flavour and creamy, satisfying texture. Portion size is very generous. GET IT.

Homemade taro ice ($8.95)
DSC03104Never seen this dessert before so we tried it. Half consisted of boiled taro, the other half was a hybrid of vanilla ice cream and taro.


The boiled taro was bland. We would have preferred more of the latter.


Also would be more manageable if they were to cut the pieces into smaller, bite sized pieces. Not really worth the price point either.

Homemade brown sugar cake ($5.95)
DSC03109You get four pieces and randomly, two small baby tomatoes. The tomatoes don’t add much to the dessert other than some colour. The cake itself had a chewy texture. Flavour is light and simple.

Trip #2

Traditional tofu pudding ($5.95)
DSC05836Finally tried their dofu fah. You can get it hot or cold; we went the former. Tofu was smooth but it could have used more syrup and some ginger flavour.

3x Grass jelly ($5.95)
DSC05833Still the best homemade grass jelly we’ve had.

Will come back for their grass jelly.

Sweet Memory Dessert
8080 Leslie Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 370-2882

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