Mama’s Dumpling & Coffee

Mama’s Dumpling & Coffee has been on my list to try ever since I randomly read about it. What’s not to love? Hole in the wall, random industrial spot specializing in dumplings? You know I’m down.


Signs from the street.




We dropped in on a Tuesday afternoon (around 1:00pm). The place wasn’t too busy but it was about half full. We missed the lunch rush; apparently, they cleaned out all of the Shanghai-style fried pork buns. More ridiculous is that they make these fresh and it can take up to 30 minutes to prepare!


The menu is split into Chinese pastries & dim sum, wontons, soups, boiled dumplings, noodles, rice, appetizers & salads, vegetables and meats & seafood.



That’s a lot of items on a two page menu; focus on the first page. They also have “specialty” drinks, aka. coffee, hot chocolate and lattes.


Grab a menu when you walk in, tick what you want and then go up to order/pay. They’ll bring the food out to your table when it’s ready. Water is self service and there’s soy sauce, vinegar and chili sauce on the table.



I wish they provided a small saucer so that you could make your own sauce. No ginger provided either.

Nanxiang-style xia long bao (#101) ($6.99 for 6)
DSC01009These were heavenly XLB’s. Wrapper was thin but retained all the soup.


Soup had great flavour and the pork filling was juicy.

Shanghai-style pork wontons (#300) ($8.99 for 12)
DSC01010The broth was homey and comforting. The wontons themselves had a tasty pork filling and satisfying bite.


Something was a tad salty (guessing the pork) but overall, great bowl.

Shrimp, egg & Chinese chive dumplings (#204) ($10.90 for 12)
DSC01012These were so-so. I didn’t love the egg filling; it was 90% egg to 10% shrimp and chive ratio. The wrapper was also lacking in texture.


I’d come back for the XLB’s.

Mama’s Dumpling & Coffee
#103, 11782 Hammersmith Way
Richmond, BC
(778) 297-1618

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