Elephant Garden Creamery

Elephant Garden Creamery is one of the newer ice cream spots on the block. They do some interesting Asian inspired flavours.


Sign outside.


Hours. Note that they’re closed on Tuesday.


We dropped in on a Sunday afternoon (around 2:30pm) and just missed the random rush that came after us. The inside is cute, modern and bright but seatings is limited. Four tables and a communal table to fit about 16 people.



There’s usually 9 to 10 flavours available. Prices are standard: single ($5.00) and double ($7.00) and flights are pricey at $12.00.



Pints are $11.00 each unless you buy three at a time.



Scoops in the flight are a tad small compared to what we got in our cone. Service is friendly but dang, they gave the tiniest spoon samples (we even shared).

Trip #1

Double scoop ($7.00)
DSC01861We added a waffle cone ($1.00) and went with the mango coconut sticky rice and matcha honeycomb nugget. Mango coconut was delicious and tasted just like the Thai dessert. Very coconut milk forward. Matcha was smooth, creamy and had good matcha flavour. The bits of honeycomb added texture and a delightful sweetness.

Salted cheese boba tea toast ($12.00)
DSC00491The toast came with a scoop of Houjicha cheese tea ice cream, brown sugar boba, whipped cream, salted cheese foam, condensed milk and brown sugar syrup.


Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan; way too rich and sweet for my taste buds.

Trip #2
We dropped in on a Saturday evening after dinner and it was packed.

Double scoop ($7.00)
DSC04553We went with the peach basil sorbet and genmaicha matcha. Peach basil was very crumbly in texture and was already falling apart when we got our cone. The worker gave us a cup to dump it in. I literally watched her balance and re-balance the sorbet scoop for two full minutes.


Really liked the basil; refreshing and paired well with the peach. We were hoping for a stronger flavour in the genmaicha matcha. The texture was wack and not consistent.


Will be back for their avocado milk!

Elephant Garden Creamery
2080 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC
(604) 251-6832

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