Jarrito Loco Tacos

Finally round 2 for bro night happened after months of trying to make plans. We were going to check out Shiok but one bro was running late so we headed over to Jarrito Loco Tacos across the street. I’ve passed by this place more times than I can count. They’re next door to My Chau



Hours. Note: closed on Monday’s.


We dropped in on a Tuesday evening (around 5:15pm) and it was empty. I was surprised it actually got a bit busier along with a few people grabbing takeout. The inside has plenty of seating and is run by a two person crew. Randomly saw Todd Talbot (aka. the guy from Love it or List it) eating with his family.


The menu is small with one page of entrees, mains and sides.


There’s also drinks (1 and 2) and desserts.

DSC03156This sauce saved a lot of the dishes. Slight kick to it. Our table finished a whole jar.

Horchata ($3.00 small)

Horchata ($5.00 large)
DSC03157The large comes in a cute pink jar. Our Mexican friend didn’t like it. He said it didn’t taste homemade.

2x Chips and salsa ($1.50)
DSC03155We ordered some chips while we waited.


Barely any chips and they were salty.

2x Gringa ($6.50 each)
DSC03160Flour tortilla with pork, mozzarella cheese, onion and cilantro. Wow, I didn’t realize that one of these was $6.50!


Insane although this was the best thing we ordered. Our Mexican friend wasn’t impressed; apparently, this is not how’s it’s normally made/presented.

4x Pupusa ($3.50 each)
DSC03164We tried two pupusas with beans, two with pork and cheese. The latter was the better option. It came with the usual side of coleslaw (curtido) and tomato salsa.



Skip on the beans; it was bland and unmemorable.


Pork and cheese was a little better but we’ve had better pupusas elsewhere.

2x Deep fried tacos ($7.00 for 2)
DSC03163Deep fried tacos stuffed with chicken, lettuce salad, tomato sauce and feta cheese.


Tacos had a good crunchy bite but the chicken filling was slightly dry and bland. Feta cheese crumbled on top didn’t add much to dish.

4x Tacos ($2.75 each)
DSC03168Pork, onion and cilantro. Pork was slightly dry and salty.


The taco itself lacked in texture. Very average.


Happy that I finally was able to try JLT but likely won’t be back anytime soon. Food is okay but not authentic. The search for decent Mexican continues…

Jarrito Loco Tacos
1707 Kingsway Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 428-5527

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