Ramen Danbo

It’s been a few years since my one and only visit to Ramen Danbo (the downtown branch). After beach v-ball, we decided to give RD’s original location on 4th a try. They specialize in Fukuoka-style ramen and have over 20 locations in Japan alone.


Sign outside.


We dropped in on a Thursday evening (around 8:30pm) and there still was a lineup. Go inside and jot your name down on the list (along with party number and if you’re okay with sitting at the counter). We waited 35 minutes and were seated at the counter.


The inside is tiny with only 5 tables and four seats at the counter. Total seats = 20. The menu is short and sweet; four ramen options along with toppings and side dishes. There’s a lunch special set (only available on weekdays from 11:00am to 5:00pm).


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2 and 3). Closeup of their kaedama and vegan ramen options (usually difficult to find) for all of their ramen offerings.



You get to customize your ramen by choosing the noodle thickness, noodle firmness, broth thickness, richness (lard content) and karadare (spicy sauce). Had to try their very firm option!


A couple condiments on the table; the only one I tried was the pureed garlic (yum).

Classic ramen ($9.95)
DSC02551Signature tonkotsu pork broth. Went with thick noodles, very firm, standard thickness and lard, and no karadare (so that I could taste the broth in it’s purest form).


We added a soft-boiled egg ($1.75) which was excellently done.


The thick noodles were still what I would classify as thin, yet firm enough, but they weren’t my favourite.


The broth was flavourful but I was hit with a wave of salt after a few sips.

Miso ramen ($11.25)
DSC02556Blend of two types of traditional Japanese miso. Same customization except this time, we asked for a little karadare.



I enjoyed the miso broth more and the minced onions was a pleasant addition. The thin chashu (two slices) were tender.

Kaedama ($1.00 half order)
DSC02559I never order a noodle refill but their bowls are on the small side. Went with thick noodles again but wanted to see if firm was any different. If it was, I could barely tell. Nice that they offer a half order option.


Honestly, I don’t get why Danbo always has a lineup. Decent ramen but not worth the wait. Still feel the same way about them as my first/original trip.

Ramen Danbo
1833 W 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
(778) 379-8977

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