Nabebugyo Hot Pot Cuisine

I’m not the biggest hot pot fan but when it’s Japanese style hot pot, I’m game. We finally went to try out Nabebugyo. They’re located close to Vij’s.


Hours are slightly obscured due to all the steam permeating to the glass windows.



We dropped in on a Friday evening (around 6:30pm). The place was busy so we put wrote our names on the waiting list (you can choose to sit at the counter or tables). Wait time wasn’t bad and they take your order before you get seated (just like in Japan). Service is good but a tad quiet. Like the whole jug of water that they provide at every station.


The menu is small with 10 hot pot options and three ramen nabe options. Cute that they explain how to cook your meal on the back page.


Click to see the rest of the menu (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Best part is NO tip is expected (in typical Japanese fashion). Can’t say I’ve seen that anywhere else in Van.


Both lunch and dinner options come with a bowl of rice and seaweed salad (it’s a bite sized portion). For dinner, you also get dessert (choose from four ice cream flavours).



Sukiyaki (kanto-style) (#1) ($15.95 dinner)
DSC01451Sweetened soy sauce broth. We went with sliced beef and it comes with an assortment of vegetables, shimeji, enoki, tofu, udon and shirataki (yam noodles).



I did like the shirataki and all the vegetables but found the beef slices were very average.


Broth was flavourful but leans toward the sweeter side.


Udon noodles are medicore; take them out right away or else they’ll overcook.

Tonkotsu (#1) ($15.95 dinner)
DSC01459This was one of their ramen nabe options. We went with sliced pork and everything is the same except that you get bamboo shoots on top of the ramen noodles.



The sliced pork was waaaaaaay better than the beef; tender and more satisfying bite.


Really liked the ramen noodles.


They were much more satisfying than the udon noodles and really soaked up the broth.

Green tea
DSC01464Green tea was easily the better flavour. Slightly generic matcha flavour and a bit icy.

Banana fudge
DSC01465Only get this flavour to try something different. It’s bordering on the line of being artificial but at least it’s not too sweet. Even more icy bits.


Hit the spot. I’ll have to suggest Nabebugyo next time someone wants hot pot.

Nabebugyo Hot Pot Cuisine
3190 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 710-5039

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