Hikari Cafe

I’d spotted Hikari Cafe a few months ago while driving along 41st Street and made a mental note to check it out. It’s a cute Japanese cafe run by a husband and wife combo. It’s located in the same plaza that houses Grand Honour, Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant and Kyuzo Japanese.


Outside menu.


Inside sign.


We dropped in on a late Wednesday afternoon (around 2:50pm) for a late lunch. No one else was there but us. It’s small with only two tables (8 seats). Service is friendly and attentive.



Bunch of pictures up on the wall and all their combo deals.


Onigiri sounds promising.


Spotted this at the front; they sell homemade teriyaki sauce, salad dressing and hot sauce.



Menu up on the wall for a few of their most popular items.


The menu is huge; sunomono & salad, appetizers, sushi (roll, nigiri, oshi, chirashi, uramaki, aburi, sashimi and sushi combos), donburi, noodle (udon), rice and desserts (fruit waffle and parfaits).



There’s a minimum order of $8.00/person. Prices are surprisingly not cheap. Click here to see a picture menu of their popular items (1, 2, 3 and 4).

2x Tea ($0.95/person)
It’d be nice if the waitress told you they charge for tea when they ask if you want tea or water. At least it’s unlimited refills.

Beef curry ($14.50)
DSC00648Both dishes came out piping hot. The curry had good flavour but you don’t get much beef and it only comes with rice.


If you want to upgrade, it’s an extra $1.99 for a miso soup and salad.

Oyako udon ($12.95)
DSC00655Chicken and egg udon with green onions. The broth was okay; more on the sweet side.


Like that you get real pieces of chicken but the udon noodles had no bite or spring to them. That makes or breaks it for me when I order udon.


Food is decent but prices are high and portions small for what you get. Can’t see myself coming back.

Hikari Cafe
#103, 5701 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 269-3682

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