MaMa Rich

I’m always around Metrotown so I’ve been slowly attempting to try everything in the area. We’ve been twice for dinner at MaMa Rich. They’re a Northern Chinese spot that specializes in Guangxi cuisine. They’re located right next to Onezo Tapioca.


Sign inside. Someone please translate.


Even though it closes at 9:00pm, there were still people after us that came in for late night eats. We didn’t have any issues with service; they came by to fill our tea a few times. Just wish they gave bigger cups. Food comes out in a hurry.



The menu is short and sweet: noodles, rice meals, appetizers, wontons and drinks.



They’ve only got chili oil as condiments on the table. Clearly popular because ours was all done.


Trip #1
First visit was on a late Wednesday evening (around 8:30pm).

Mama’s unique special milk tea ($4.80)
DSC07362We added grass jelly ($0.50) which was unfortunately from a can. The milk tea was different than the norm as there was sweet fermented rice bits mixed in.


Decent but don’t think we’d get it again.

Sour and spicy crystal noodle ($6.98)
DSC07365Glass noodles with minced pork, bean sprouts, cilantro and peanuts. We got our dish medium spicy which was mild. Broth was excellently balanced; loved the sour notes.


Glass noodles had a satisfying bite and cilantro added freshness to the bowl.

House special escargot rice noodles in spicy noodles ($13.98)
DSC07367Escargot, pig ear, beef, tofu, marinated egg, shrimp and pork intestine. There was also pickled green beans, bamboo shoots, tofu skins, wood ear mushrooms and peanuts. Really different with a good variety of textures and flavour.


Loved all the types of meat, especially the tender beef, pork intestine and pig ear. Escargot was tasty but we wanted more!



The tofu skin and wood ear mushrooms underneath were excellent.

Fresh meat wonton ($5.98)
DSC07376This comes in a light broth with 15 homemade wontons, pickled seaweed and baby dried shrimp. Broth is basic but the wontons are great.

Trip #2
Second trip was on a Friday evening (around 8:00pm).

Braised beef, pig ear and tofu ($10.98)
DSC08275The beef is the same as what you get in their noodle bowls.


Pig ear wasn’t crunchy but the sauce (some sort of Chinese mushroom) was good.



Tofu was fairly standard.


For the price, it’s a small dish. I didn’t think it was worth it.

Beef and escargot rice noodle in spicy soup ($9.98)
DSC08282The beef is super tender. Again, the escargots are hard to find but everything else in
this bowl is delicious.


Tofu skin, wood ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, peanuts and pickled green beans. Satisfying and spiciness finally came through.

Shredded chicken, vegetable and cold noodle with house sauce ($9.53)
DSC08280They asked us how spicy we wanted it; we went with spicy. It’s not so don’t worry.


The noodles were thin and the sauce was almost like a dan dan mein. We liked how it wasn’t overwhelmingly peanutty.


An interesting twist to the normal Northern Chinese spots you’ll typically find in town. Cash or debit only.

MaMa Rich
4949 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(778) 379-0559

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