Bubble Fruity

After dinner in the area, we headed over to Bubble Fruity to try some of their HK style desserts. It’s located across the street from Newton Beef Noodle House.




Sign outside on their window.


We dropped in on a Saturday evening (around 9:30pm). The place was packed! It’s a hole in the wall with about 8 tables, some random Asian movie dramas playing in the background and service that will remind you of HK. The type where they’re ready to take your order the second you sit down.



The menu is simple consisting of two things: desserts and snacks. Sadly, they were sold out of their durian dumplings.



Note: there’s a minimum order of $5.50 per person.

Mango sago cream with grapefruit (F21) ($6.00)
DSC09669The sago was light but had a pleasant texture. Grapefruit bits add a touch of sour tone; pomelo would be a better alternative.


The mango flavour and texture was excellent. Would get this dish again.

Dumplings with wine (F13) ($5.50)
DSC09675Never had this dessert before but it’s apparently very traditional. You can smell the fermented rice wine.


On it’s own, the soup is sweet (think they added honey pollen) and the balls are plain but eaten together, it’s a tasty combination.


I like how they also added actual rice grains for some subtle texture.

Black sesame dumplings (F12) ($6.50)
DSC09679You get four dumplings. As someone put it, the black sesame filling flows out like lava.


I love black sesame; this was easily my favourite dessert of the night. The ginger soup is subtle but the dumplings are fresh and have a great bouncy, chewy consistency,


Cash only. Will definitely be back to BF for more HK desserts.

Bubble Fruity
#180, 8188 Saba Road
Richmond, BC
(778) 297-6820

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