Qin Ma Grill

I’ve walked by Qin Ma Grill several times and made a mental note to check it out. They specialize in southwest Chinese food. It’s across from Metrotown and located a few doors down from Sulmida Dessert Cafe.


Open long hours (11:00am to 11:00pm).


This was up on their windows outside.




We dropped in on a Saturday evening (around 7:30pm). There’s a couple tables to fit max 18 people. Service is decent as our waitress came by a few times to fill our hot water tea cups (oddly they don’t offer tea).



The menu is very small (only 18 items) with noodle soup, rice and appetizers.



Love the short and sweet one page menus.

Chicken in chili sauce ($10.99)
DSC09256This was delicious. Minced garlic, green onion, cilantro and peanuts. The garlic elevated this dish to the next level.

Beef noodle ($9.99)
DSC09257This was our favourite of the three noodle bowls we tried. We got it medium spicy but probably could have went with extra spicy. The thin noodles weren’t anything special but the beef was tender and meaty, just wish they gave you more.

Chicken heart gizzard noodle ($9.99)
DSC09261Same broth and noodles. The only thing different was the protein and there was pickled vegetables. The heart and gizzard had a satisfying chewy texture but again, I wanted more.

Hot & sour sweet potato noodle ($8.99)
DSC09265This was the plainest of the bowls. I liked the glass noodles but there was nothing much else in it. A few random soy beans and a bit of choy.



It really needed something of substance in it. Broth could have been even more sour/vinegary.


Always happy to try new places to eat. QMG won’t blow you away but it’s decent.

Qin Ma Grill
4685 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(778) 379-8537

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