No. 1 Dumpling

It’s been awhile since we’ve had dumplings and I’m always down to try a new spot. No. 1 Dumpling specializes in fresh, homemade dumplings but they also make their own noodles. It’s located next to a Money Mart.


Parking in the back is free after 6:00pm.


They also sell frozen dumplings.


We’ve been here twice now; both times there’s been a few groups of tables. The (insanely) brightly lit menu greets you the moment you walk in.


It’s bigger than you’d expect (around 7 tables). Service is a tad unsophisticated and it’s painful to attempt to get any tea and water refills.


Menu is short and sweet; dumplings (you choose between boiled, pan fried and steamed), noodles, pancakes, appetizers and specials. Surprisingly, they have XLB but it’s pricey ($13.99 for 8).



There was about a dozen dumpling flavours to choose from. It says today’s dumplings but I don’t think the options change too drastically.


Condiments on the table: vinegar and chili oil sauce.



Nothing too special about their chili oil sauce.

Trip #1
First visit, we dropped in on an early Tuesday evening (around 6:30pm).

Fungus salad ($4.50)
DSC08253This was delicious. Fresh, nicely seasoned and pleasant texture.

Pork, shrimp and leek ($11.99 for 14)
DSC08260We opted for steamed; the dumplings are fantastic and clearly homemade (you can literally see the chefs making each dumpling fresh).


The wrapper is excellent; perfect thickness and satisfying, chewy bite.


The filling it just as good, if not better. Juicy, moist and filled to the max.

Leek pancake ($3.00)
DSC08266The leek is tasty inside and the pancake is nicely pan fried. If you smell it, you’ll notice the butter instantaneously.


Good but it’s small and I’ve had better elsewhere.

Spicy noodles ($7.99)
DSC08270These look plain and simple but they surprised us. It’s basically sliced ham, cucumbers and chili sauce but the noodles had a good bite and the sauce had a subtle underlying numbness to it.


Bonus, they give you a massive amount of noodles! We still ate it all but it’s perfect to share between two.

Trip #2
Second time, we came on a Wednesday evening around the same time.

Kelp salad ($4.50)
DSC09023Decent but there’s nothing unique that they add to the seaweed salad.


We literally saw them take it out a bag and put it on our dish.

Green onion cake ($2.00)
DSC09026Greasy, really greasy but at least it was light and crispy.

Pork and fennel ($8.99 for 12)
DSC09036This time, they had the fennel available. Good amount of fennel inside the filling but the meat wasn’t juicy.


Even with the soup inside. Wrapper is still excellent.

Eggplant noodle ($7.99)
DSC09030It’s very basic; pork, eggplant (tasty but salty) and noodles.


We didn’t love it. The spicy noodles were much more satisfying.


Come for the homemade dumplings. The rest is hit and miss.

No. 1 Dumpling
1888 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 731-5577

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