The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

I’ve surprisingly never been to The Flying Pig even though they have two other locations (Gastown and Olympic Village). Finally made it out for happy hour in Yaletown!


A few specials they had that evening.


We dropped in on an early Thursday evening (around 5:00pm). People were already taking advantage of happy hour which is weekdays (3:00pm to 6:00pm) and weekends (4:00pm to 6:00pm).


The place was bumping when we left. Seems to be a very popular spot with the work crowd. It’s a cool, hip, intimate spot; perfect for a date or out with friends/co-workers.


The HH menu is solid with 10 dishes and 3 drinks.




The regular menu is bigger with appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts.

TFP lager ($4.75)
UntitledBrewed by Russell Brewing. It’s a pretty light beer. Not much flavourwise but it’s cheap.

House white ($5.75)
UntitledBelieve it’s a 49 North white wine.

Truffled jumbo macaroni ($6.75)
DSC04571Four cheese cream sauce. This was our favourite dish! FINALLY a satisfying mac and cheese. They did a fantastic job of baking the cheese on top.

TFP cured meats ($6.25)
DSC04574Trio of meats and spicy olives.


You get prosciutto, genoa salami and sopprassata.


A bit meagre on how much meat you get but the olives were winners.

P.E.I. mussels ($6.50)
DSC04572White wine and herbs. Again, decent for the price but nothing too special with their mussels. Would probably skip it next time.

Sriracha BBQ chicken drumsticks ($6.50)
DSC04578Parmesan basil dip. It came with two celery stalks. Didn’t get any basil from the dip. The drumsticks were pretty tender, falling off the bone a la pulled pork style. Tasted more BBQ than sriracha. Decent.

Beef carpaccio ($6.50)
DSC04573Dijon aioli and evoo crostini. This was also excellently done with a mini scoop of arugula salad. Carpaccio had a great sauce and were well seasoned.


Worth a go during happy hour! Prices are beyond reasonable ($6.00-7.00 range). Easily one of the best HH’s in town. I will come back for the rest of the happy hour menu.

The Flying Pig
#104, 1168 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-1344

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