So Hyang Korean Cuisine

So Hyang clearly has a huge fan base as it’s praised for being an authentic, family run Korean restaurant on restaurant happy Fraser Street. It’s located right beside a tailor shop and Shoppers Drug Mart. Maxim’s Bakery is a few doors down.




We’ve been twice now and both times it was packed. We ended up waiting about 15 to 20 minutes for a table to open up. Saw a couple regulars skip the line as they had called ahead to make a reso.


The inside can fit about 40 people and there were a couple TV’s playing Kpop. The music was very eclectic; top 40, Christmas remixes and kpop.


The quality of service here is no joke. Amazing! All the staff were beyond friendly and on the ball with everything. They came by to lower our hot pot temperature and continuously to refill waters and hot tea.  Service is next level goodness.


The menu is small but mighty. All the staples including appetizers, BBQ’s, special dishes, Korean mains, hot pot and full course dinners (dinner for two/three/four). Click here to see the menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Trip #1
We dropped in on a late Sunday afternoon (around 2:00pm) and weren’t expecting it to be busy but it was packed.

DSC04511Four types including kimchi, bean sprouts, potatoes and sliced fish cakes. Love how it’s unlimited; heck, our waitress came by and asked us which ones we wanted more of. That itself is a rarity.



Kimchi had a good kick to it but my favourite was the bean sprouts.

Hae mool pa jun (A3) ($18.95)
DSC04509Assorted seafood pancake with green onions, vegetable and egg. A little pricey but freaking delicious! They don’t skimp on the seafood inside.


The pancake isn’t overly greasy but it was perfectly crispy.


The dipping sweet sauce paired magically.

Bul lak jun gohl (H3) ($29.95)
DSC04516Beef bulgogi and octopus with udon and veggies. It also comes with two bowls of rice. They come by table side to chop the octopus in pieces for you. We got our broth regular spicy; tasty and flavourful but we probably could have went up another level for heat.


There was a mixture of vegetables including enoki mushrooms, cabbage, onion, soft tofu, choy, red peppers, beans sprouts and green onions. So good!


The octopus was tender but still yielded a chewy bite. Bulgogi was also excellent. Perfect to share between 3 people (we still had leftovers).

Trip #2
Second trip, we came on a Thursday evening (around 7:00pm).

Same as our first visit.




This time, the potatoes even had a few pieces of yam in it. First time I’ve seen that.

Dinner for 2 ($29.99)
You get mandoo, japchae and your choice of either beef or pork bulgogi. We went with the latter; they’ll ask you how spicy you want it. Hilarious that the options were regular, less spicy, mild and less mild. We went with regular and our waitress was skeptical that we could handle it. It was pretty perfect; slight heat but full of flavour.


Of course, it came with some rice.

DSC08158You get 8 pieces dumplings filled with chive and cabbage.



Good sauce and the mandoo were freshly deep fried. Not too greasy.

DSC08155Enjoyed the woodear mushroom and beef bulgogi pieces. Noodles were good but I would have liked more chew and elasticity.

Pork bulgogi
DSC08166The best dish from the combo deal. Pork had a good heat level but still was full of flavour and depth. Spicy is the way to go.


Bonus that they throw in a few pieces of rice cakes.


SH totally lives up to the hype and I’m looking forward to trying more dishes next visit.

So Hyang Korean Cuisine
6345 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 729-0702

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