Yu Noodle House

We were in the ‘hood looking for a quick bite to eat before trivia night. I found a new Northern Chinese/Henan spot called Yu Noodle House. They’ve opened very recently, right in early June.


Hours are long and consistent.


They have a bunch of photos up along their window. Oddly, not everything is labelled.




We dropped in on a Monday (around 6:45pm) and were the only ones eating in. A couple other Asians came in to grab takeout. The inside looks newly renovated and has 12 tables (to fit about 36 people).


The menu is small with noodles, street eat Chinese style, rice, soup and drinks.


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).


Chili oil if you want to make your bowls spicier.

DSC06049Complimentary and our pot was refilled. Quite nice.

Noodle with lamb in soup (#1) ($10.95)
DSC06052The broth is basic so don’t order this expecting a punch of flavour. That being said, the wide, flat noodles were excellent and lamb slices were tender. Wish there was more.


It also came with bok choy, knot yam noodles and wood ear mushrooms. The last two were unexpected surprises.


Finish with a strong noodle pull.

Spicy oil noodles with vegetables (#4) ($8.95)
DSC06057They asked us how spicy we wanted our bowl; we went with medium. This was delicious! Noodles were chewy and toothsome. An extremely satisfying bite to them.


Only issue was that they do get a tad clumpy. Flavourwise, I liked how it wasn’t too oily. The spice level was perfect. The scoop of minced garlic, bean sprouts and bokchoy were an excellent addition.


I’ll be back to try more dishes. Looking forward to it!

Yu Noodle House
2445 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 559-8953

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