Seoul Doogbaegi Korean Restaurant

I haven’t had Korean for awhile so we decided to check out a mom and pop Korean restaurant nearby, Seoul Doogbaegi. It’s home style, comfort food. Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant is directly across the street from them.


Hours. Note: they’re closed on Monday.


Sign tucked away inside the restaurant.


We came on a late Thursday evening (around 8:30pm) and the place was reasonably busy. All Asians eating inside which is always a good sign.


The inside is split; left side is all tables, right side has booths/rooms but everyone was sitting on the left.


Service was fine; our waitress came to refill our tea several times but I noticed the attentiveness dropped off once we received our food.


The menu is surprisingly short and sweet but I like it. Three pages cover the standards: small soups, bibimbab, meats, hot pots, noodles and pancakes.


Click here to see the menu (1, 2 and 3).

DSC04343We were given four dishes. Kimchi, fermented/pickled radish, bean sprouts and soy glazed potatoes (gamja jorim).


The bean sprouts and glazed potatoes were delicious (we got seconds). The pickled radish was interesting as they were whole and had a sweetness to them.

Gam ja tang (#27) ($26.95)
DSC04349Traditional spicy pork bone soup with vegetables and potatoes. It also comes with two bowls of rice. There was four chunks of pork bone, onions, cabbage, jalapenos, Korean red chili peppers (beware, these are hot) and green onions.


This could easily feed 3 people but since there were only two of us, we had plenty of leftovers. We asked for it spicy; completely tolerable. The broth was flavourful, had depth and seriously, this is the cheapest I’ve seen gam ja tang! Perfect for a dreary rainy Vancouver night.


Authentic, affordable, tasty Korean food. We left with our bellies warm and satisfied. Will definitely be back for more.

Seoul Doogbaegi Korean Restaurant
1031 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 879-1515

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