Kawa Sushi

First sushi meal of the trip even though I’ve been in Van for a week. No idea how that happened. We decided to check out a new spot (for us), Kawa Sushi. It’s located close to Amay’s House and Chau Veggie Express.




Outside menu.


We just missed the dinner rush when we dropped in on Monday (around 7:30pm). Lucky! Quite a few people came in for takeout; otherwise, it was pretty quiet. The inside is small with room for about 30 people. Service was friendly.



The menu is pretty standard with appetizers, greens, teriyaki, bento boxes, ramen/udon, donburi, sashimi, nigiri and lots of rolls.


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).


Couple specials along the wall.


They serve farmed and wild salmon.

DSC03168Complimentary tea! Slightly roasted and they ended up bringing a whole teapot for us.

Ebi sunomuno (#4) ($2.95)
DSC03159Decent but quite a small portion. You get two ebi’s.

Toro sashimi (#47) ($9.95)
DSC031588 pieces of fresh, properly sliced toro. Give me more! The thin radish was a nice palette cleanser.

2x salmon ($1.25 each) and tuna nigiri ($1.25 each)
DSC03156This was our least favourite. Way too much rice on each piece. No wasabi underneath. Nigiri’s not their forte apparently.

Negitoro (#57) ($2.95)
DSC03165This was insanely good. There was so much toro. Such a good deal!


Look at the side view of these rolls. It’s all toro.

Hotage roll (#63) ($3.95)
DSC03161Chopped scallop and asparagus. Chopped scallop was fresh and had a great texture. We tried it with asparagus to shake things up but it didn’t add much.

Canucks roll (#102) ($6.95)
DSC03163Crab, mango and cucumber wrapped with salmon and avocado. Some pieces had more avocado than salmon.


Others had waaaay too much rice. Pretty standard.


Mostly good dishes but avoid the nigiri here. Would come back!

Kawa Sushi
5088 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 559-5998

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