Amay’s House

It’s pretty rare to find Burmese restaurants. We decided to check out Amay’s House, which also dabbles in Malaysian and Thai cuisine. They’re located next to Kawa Sushi.




We dropped in on an early Saturday evening (around 6:15pm). A couple people strolled in but it was dead for a weekend. The inside is drab; not much going on decor wise. Service was passable as our tea pot was refilled but the food comes out slow. At least you know the food is being made fresh.



The menu is two pages: appetizers & traditional salad, noodles & salad and soup, rice & curry, stir fry, veggie and desserts. The laksa was tempting to try but I’m pretty skeptical of Vancouver laksa’s. The waitress told us it’s not very spicy.

Keema prata (#5) ($6.00)
DSC04368Prata stuffed with ground chicken or lamb (we went with the latter), onion and traditional spices. It came with a side of refreshing mint coleslaw.


Greasy but the lamb was well seasoned and tasty.

Myanmar tea leaf salad (#14) ($8.00)
DSC04367Fermented tea leaves, tomato, cabbage, assorted beans and nuts. Everyone in the restaurant ordered one of these and for good reason! Unique, flavourful and an underlying bit of heat to it.

Special basil fried rice (#35) ($10.00)
DSC04372Jasmine rice, shrimp, chicken, green onions, tomatoes, onions, beansprouts, garlic, ginger, chili pepper and cucumbers. You could smell the basil wafting from the dish. Fried rice had a good wok hei to it but what surprised us the most was again, the underlying heat. Loved it.

Kebat (#44) ($11.50)
DSC04373Burmese stir fried chicken, dry chili, onions, traditional spices and mint leaves. It was pretty much a stir fry of vegetables (red, yellow and orange peppers and carrots) with chicken. This was recommended by the waitress but we found it pretty unspectacular. That or it tasted plain compared to the other flavourful dishes. Skip it.

Stick with the Burmese dishes and you’ll be in for a treat.

Amay’s House
5076 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 327-2629

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