Let’s Grill Sushi & Izakaya

We were originally going to try a coffee place downtime but they were closed for the holiday. We wandered a few blocks and decided to try Let’s Grill Sushi & Izakaya, which I’d read good things about. They took over a space that was previously a donair shop. It’s directly across the street from Commodore Restaurant.


Sign outside promoting their ramen.


Which contradicts their poster inside which says their ramen is available everyday during lunch.




Happy hour specials (Monday to Friday, 2:00pm to 5:30pm).



Don’t think they have any affiliation to LETS Grill on the south side.


We dropped in on a holiday Monday (around 1:30pm). The place is modern and spacious with slick wooden tables and sake bottles as decor. The couch area, for people waiting for a table or takeout, looked really comfy.


Service was great. Our waiter came by several times to refill our waters and even asked what we thought of their ramen. That’s a rarity.

The menu is split into ramen (only available during lunchtime), udon, donburi, starters, lunch platters, sashimi, speciality sushi (oshi!) and sweets.



They also have a daily sheet. Some really expensive options (Wagyu beef hotstone, Wagyu steak and crab lobster roll), poke bowls and a grill skewer set.


Note: happy hour has a couple skewer options ($5.00 for 6 skewers), grilled chicken wings and Sapporo pints ($5.00). Not bad!


The drink menu is interesting. They had some interesting flavoured sake but they are SO expensive! Their Mio sparkling sake is $22.00 (300ml); bought these in Japan for $5.00. Upcharge is insane. If you’ve got money to burn, try the yuzu sake or plum wine sake; both are delicious.

Black garlic ramen ($14.00)
DSC04151Pork broth with thin noodles, chashu, kikurage, green onion, nori dried seaweed, seasoned egg, garlic chips and garlic oil. This was my first ramen bowl since Japan. This was surprisingly tasty!


Broth was well balanced and had good flavour. The egg was perfect. The noodles had a springy, toothsome bite.

Deluxe platter ($19.50)
DSC04152Sashimi (three pieces of hamachi), salmon maki, sushi nigiri (salmon), mix tempura (four pieces of shrimp, zucchini and taro), seaweed salad edamame and chicken karate. It also came with onigiri (rice ball) and miso soup. It looked like a smaller version of what Japonais Bistro used to do.


The miso soup was pretty refreshing.


Karaage was fantastic; tender and juicy.


The rest of the platter fell short of expectations. The hamachi sashimi didn’t taste the freshest.



Salmon nigiri and maki were okay.


Tempura (two pieces of shrimp, zucchini and taro) were lightly fried but again, pretty standard.


Not sure where the seaweed salad part of the edamame came into play.


Onigiri was plain and seemed mostly like filler.


The ramen was a happy discovery. I’d come back to try their happy hour skewers.

Let’s Grill Sushi & Izakaya
10709 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 244-1880

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